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Earn Money in 2022: Different Ways of Making Passive Income

Countless people lost jobs over the past two years and mom and pop stores had to keep their doors shut over the past two years. Online money-making options offer people a way to stay safe and feed the family.


Earning Money in 2022


However, making money online was big long before the pandemic hit. Pandemic only nudged people into tapping the opportunities that existed all this while. In 2022, there are many ways in which someone can make money online, but are they easy?


Well, it takes consistency. If someone claims that making money online is child’s play, run in the opposite direction. They’re either trying to scam you or sell you something. 


That said, making money—a lot of it—online is possible. This article talks about ways in which a person can make money online by trading, selling a product, or rendering a service. 

5 Ways to Make Money on the Internet in 2022 (Earning Money in 2022)

Making money online, like any business, comes with several risks. Someone who doesn’t have a safety net like insurance and savings should ideally aim for something low risk. Imagine being depressed about being in a financial crisis, and going deeper into debt. No good, right?


However, someone who is in a better financial position may consider taking risks to obtain better returns. Of course, it’s still always a good idea to assess one’s risk appetite before risking any capital. 


For those who have some cash stacked away for a rainy day, the following ways of making money online are an excellent way to build an income stream.


1. Cryptocurrencies

The quickest way to make money online in 2022 is by trading crypto. Crypto trading comes with a lot of risks, though, and should only be considered an option for those with a higher appetite for risk. However, does the risk justify the reward potential of trading cryptos? 


From Twitter to Instagram, there are tons of people who brag about making four or five figures trading crypto every year. 


However, what most people don’t see are people who lose money. More often than not, money lost trading crypto never gets mentioned online because of embarrassment. 


The embarrassment isn’t entirely logical, though. People know that trading crypto is a risky proposition. A lot of people lose money trading crypto.


It takes knowledge and practice to become a successful crypto trader. You can’t wake up one day, buy crypto, and sit on a pile of cash by evening. It takes time to learn the ropes. Heck, people who have never traded crypto might not even know what a wallet is.


A trader with knowledge of how things work will attest to the fact that the more risk you take, the higher profit you can earn. Think about it. Volatility works in a trader’s favor. Someone who trades stablecoins like USDT is unlikely to make significant if any, profit. Instead, buy BNB when it’s attractively priced and waiting for a breakout.




Well, here’s BNB’s price chart

Earning Money in 2022 with Cryptocurrencies


The more swings on a chart, the more profitable trading opportunities. Investors also generated massive wealth with BNB. Someone who purchased BNB back in January 2021 would have generated roughly 500x returns.


If crypto sounds too scary, there are always other, less risky options.


2. Start your dropshipping business

Dropshipping is eCommerce without the inventory. Essentially, a drop shipping company promotes and sells products, and asks the supplier to deliver them when someone orders a product through the website. 


It’s a three-step process. First, a customer goes to a dropshipping website and buys a product. Next, the retailer receives the order and forwards the details to the supplier. Finally, the supplier ships the product to the buyer. The retailer works as a messenger and receives a commission in return.


Now, most people reading this will at some point wonder how dropshipping is the ultimate idea to make money online. No capital, no risk, only $$$. Unfortunately, that goes against the fundamental rule of finance.


Return always comes with risk. Sure, dropshipping looks all fun and games. However, there are a ton of people trying to do the same thing out there. So, when someone wants to make money dropshipping, they need to beat everybody else and stand out.




Well, first, by selecting a less crowded niche. Everybody’s selling phone cases, but how many people are selling vegan party wear shoes? Not many! That automatically takes a large chunk of the competition out. 


The next step is to create a dropshipping website that offers a top-notch user experience. Make it easy for a person to buy. Reduce the time to checkout as much as possible. Offer every payment method there is. Offer the best prices. Most importantly, sell good quality products.


Someone who checks all these boxes will succeed… over time. Dropshipping isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s a real business that requires some consistency and effort. But once it gains traction, you can start thinking about sitting on that pile of cash again.


3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has gained and lost popularity time and again over the past ten years. However, it’s still one of the best ways to make money online. 


The affiliate marketing model is similar to the dropshipping model in that you don’t hold any inventory. You simply promote a product, and each time the product is sold, you earn a commission. 


You have the option to promote almost any product you choose because all major brands have an affiliate program, including Uber, Amazon, and Shopify. You can promote products, services, or software. There’s a lot of potential in affiliate marketing, but you’ll need patience and consistency to succeed.


Affiliate Marketing as a way to earn money


Content marketing is a big part of affiliate marketing. Creating content that is unbiased and provides plenty of value to a reader is at the core of a successful affiliate marketing business. 


Essentially, you need to create a comprehensive resource in an ideally unsaturated niche so people start thinking of your website as a go-to resource when they need a certain product or service. 


A key benefit of affiliate marketing over dropshipping is the lack of reliance on a single supplier. If the product sold by a dropshipping business is exclusively available from one supplier, that’s a risk. However, affiliate marketers can always change the affiliate link on their blogs as and when needed.


4. Create YouTube videos and Earn Money in 2022

Video is killing it. YouTube has over 2 billion logged-in users hungry for engaging videos on almost anything you can think of. For instance, look at the 7-year Ryan’s channel. He reviews… toys.


Creating YouTube Videos for Monetization 2022


Ryan made $29.5 million from his channel in 2020. Hopefully, that should give you the confidence that you can make it big in the digital world, too. 


The key to success on YouTube is niching down. Talking only about a single subject for long establishes you as an authority that people would want to listen to. People don’t want to listen to someone who talks about cosmetics one day and gaming the next.


As time passes, you’ll build a loyal viewer base that will wait eagerly for your next video. This means you’ll also need consistency. Posting one video every month is not an option. 


On YouTube, you’ll need to monetize through ads. Therefore, the more views your video gets, the more money you’ll make. However, YouTube doesn’t allow monetizing videos from day 1. A channel needs at least 1000 subscribers before being able to monetize them. Meanwhile, you can always use affiliate links if you have any. 


5. Create an online course

People are keen on studying through online courses for skill-based training. Online courses are very different from a typical lecture delivered in a classroom. They’re less about textbooks and theory and more about getting hands dirty with actual work.


However, before creating a course, it’s worthwhile to take a few existing courses to get a lay of the land. Then, look at what people are talking about in the course. Do they like the course? If yes, what do they like about it? What are things they wish were done differently in the course?


Essentially, you want to stand out from other existing courses by providing something they lack. The upside? Passive income.


An online course requires very little effort once it’s available online for purchase. Of course, it does require some effort for marketing the course and answering questions from people who buy the course. However, it’s a fairly low-cost setup and generates substantial passive income.


Start Monetizing the Internet and Earn Money in 2022

There are countless modes of making money on the internet. The list in this article is inclusive. However, the options in this list are some of the best ways to generate income, passive or otherwise, that can be sustained for the long term.


It’s important to realize that making money online isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. It still demands time and consistent effort like any other business. What it does offer is the ability to run a business without being tied to one city or country. 


There are people around the world making money sipping coffee from a mountain top or laying on warm beach sand. It’s a dreamy life, but it requires effort to get there.

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