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FusionSilicon Review: Valid or an Exit Scam?

FusionSilicon validity is in question after all their websites went dark. Fusion Silicon is one of the many manufacturers of Mining equipment. The manufacturer is known for producing quality Dogecoin and Litecoin miners. Over the past few weeks, miners are having issues trying to reach the manufacturer. Both their websites are down, and there’s no word from the manufacturer. With most miners already buying the units, some are worried about getting support. It’s the duty of the manufacturer to be available on call. We do have some insights on what’s going on with Fusion Silicon. Learn more in this clear FUSIONSILICON Review.

FusionSilicon Review

About FusionSilicon

There’s no doubt that this manufacturer has over the past offered quality miners. Most of the miners are ASIC supported, which is a plus for miners. You can mine with any of their miners while away and track the mining activities.

It’s one of the many reasons why miners fell in love with their products. Dogecoin and Litecoin are the top coins to mine with this unit. You can mine a total of thirteen coins, most of which are highly profitable.

The X1 Miner was the first miner from the manufacturer’s long list of products. It came with a different algorithm, the Lyra2REv2, and is the only unit with this algorithm. All their products have one of the four algorithms.

Miners should note that the X1 Miner is still available in different stores. And this is a problem as once you buy the miner, the official manufacturer is unavailable. It makes no sense to buy a product when there’s no manufacturer.

Algorithms found on FusionSilicon’s Products.

All of their products come with different algorithms. The manufacturer is trying to reach out to Dogecoin and Litecoin manufacturers. With recent remarks by Elon Musk about Dogecoin, the coin will likely gain some huge attraction.

And this is why most of their products will sell as the coins gain ground in the markets. Other miners mine these coins but, FusionSilicon has an edge due to its reputation.

The four algorithms to find on their products include Keccak, Lyra2REv2, Scrypt, and X11. For the Keccak algorithm, the top coin to mine is Bitgesell. Lyra2REv2 has Monacoin as the top coin, which is also another highly profitable Crypto.

Scrypt is the main algorithm for mining Dogecoin and Litecoin. The last algorithm is X11 and is used to mine Dash. As you can see, all their algorithms mine one of the profitable coins. Even the exotic coin Bitgesell has some attractive market options.

All Products under Fusion Silicon

There are seven products under the FusionSilicon brand. The X1 Miner was the first of its kind. X2 miner was next in line, and the manufacturer made sure to come out with the X2+. The third unit on the manufacturer’s brand is the X6.

It also came with an improvement; later on, duped the X6+. The last brand on their product is the X7 miner, released in March 2019. There was also an improvement to this line with the X7+.

Most of the improvements from the manufacturer came a few months after the initial release. It seems that the manufacturer was doing great in the industry. The question on everyone’s mind is why the manufacturer has gone underground.

Most miners can’t gain access to the support team, which is a huge problem. The stores are facing the Wrath of miners who want an explanation of what’s happening.

Comments from clients buying their products

Comments Regarding Fusion Silicon

With two websites already available for the manufacturer, it gets confusing for most clients. According to Crypto forums, most clients don’t know which website is valid. Talk all over town is whether to buy products from or

From our investigation, we can assure you that both of these websites belong to the same manufacturer. Sadly, both of these websites are down with no way of convincing anyone that they will be back.

Shenzhen Fusion Silicon Semiconductor co Ltd is the company behind this unit. The company has no valid address, and for now, they are anonymous. We can only get information on their company from the products available on Alibaba and other stores.

Even in the stores, there’s no direct link to the manufacturer. And this is why we believe that FUSION SILICON IS AN EXIT SCAM. The company has decided to shut down without informing the general public.

Some clients did also mention that the company had an initial website with the domain .org. These are clear signs that we are dealing with an imposter. With all their miners sold out in most stores, we feel sorry for anyone who has lost money to the fraud.

The company should come out and inform users of their actual intent.

Domain details (,, review)

Fusion Silicon Manufacturer Mining Website

According to domain checker tools, is registered under Xiamen Nawang Technology CO Ltd. The IP location is Beijing, and there are two changes on their IP over the last three years.

Details indicate that the website went live on May 17, 2018. The vendor has left an email [email protected], but we couldn’t get a response.

The second domain we checked was According to domain checker tools, the website is for sale. The website went live on February 16, 2019.  There have been 14 changes on the IP address over the past 2 years. The last website we checked was whose IP location is in England. went live on April 10, 2019. There’s no much information to go on in regards to their IP history. All these websites point to a manufacturer who had a plan to run away deep after producing their products.

Although their products did produce profitable mining activities, they still are a potential threat. The manufacturer should, over the years, give miners their true identity. It seems they have been jumping ship once every two years with their domain.

Safety with Fusion Silicon Products

FusionSilicon Products

There’s no safety with any of their products as the manufacturer has gone into hiding. We have tried using various avenues to try and track them down. None of their usual correspondents are online, which is a saddening turn of events.

The Manufacturer should have come clean in regards to their actual shut down. It begs the question of whether miners should trust manufacturers from Shenzhen. No one seems to know or give any information on this manufacturer.

Scam or Legit FusionSilicon

FusionSilicon is a scam that initially started as a legit business. As the manufacturer and their reputation grew, so did their thirst to steal from miners. There are several complaints regarding misplaced products and lack of shipping. These are scam mining scam artists who have dealt a big blow to miners.

We were hoping that the manufacturer would leave a message on when they will be back for a while. It’s not going to happen as all of their websites are now offline. With no way of reaching out, vendors will have to pay the ultimate price.

There’s no way we will recommend a miner whose manufacturer is unavailable. It would be putting our clients at risk, which is the last thing on our minds.

Verdict on Fusion Silicon

FusionSilicon Scam or Legit

Please stay away from the manufacturer and any of their products for now. Unless they come up with a solid reason why they have been offline, could you not buy their miners? Some reviews may claim that the manufacturer is still online; that’s not the case. The proof above is enough to confirm our fears; FusionSilicon is an Exit scam.

We wish Crypto miners the best and ensure you use our recommended products for profitability and safety.

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