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Techcointrade Review: Is A Scam?

Techcointrade ( is yet another clone platform from the DigitalExchange24 family. The website’s layout is the same as its sisters. We have to expose Tech Coin Trade for its blatant disregard of investment regulations. Despite claiming to offer high Crypto ROI returns, the results tell a different story. Investors have been struggling to withdraw funds from the platform. Learn more in our exclusive TECHCOINTRADE REVIEW.

A Dossier on Techcointrade

Techcointrade Review

On the about us page, Techcointrade claims to be the perfect investment platform. The platform claims to have over 90,000 traders. Other false information to note includes offering over 250 trading instruments.

To make the platform appear profitable, there are pop-up messages all over. These messages are from people who have withdrawn or won with the platform. You should note that there are no names of the clients.

Being a clone platform, a lot of the features are the same. Starting from the web design to the over the moon profit claims. Yes, we have seen this type of crypto investment scam too many times.

To protect investors, we have to expose these platforms to every opportunity we get. Each platform targets a different demographic. For example, Techcointrade is targeting both crypto and forex investors. And this is why you need to read the entire post.

We feel we have to protect naïve investors from falling into such platforms. The platform will take advantage by claiming to guarantee high-profit margins. You will also get a promise of earning a high reward in a short amount of time.

As an investor, you need to be extra careful when investing with online platforms. First, you need to conduct due diligence before you sign up. Make sure to test how a platform works. Try and find out what others are saying about the platform before you sign up.

Accounts and plans Techcointrade

Techcointrade offers three accounts for investors to choose from. These include starter, basic, and premium. Each of these accounts provides a distinctive feature. All of them guarantee to make high ROI within the shortest period possible.

Let’s take a closer look at these accounts;


With the starter account, investors have to deposit a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $1,000. There’s a 50 percent projected ROI that members can withdraw after seven vesting days. There’s no cashback feature with this account.


The platform hails this account as the most economical of the three. You get a promise of making 100 percent ROI. The vesting period for this account is three days. Investors have to deposit $1,000 and a maximum of $10,000.


For the premium account, the platform targets institutions and wealthy investors. There’s a high ROI of 250 percent. In addition, investors get to withdraw funds after ten vesting days. You also get a cashback feature with the premium account.

Account conditions

Accounts Techcointrade

Before jumping in, there are specific hidden terms with these accounts. You don’t get to trade as the platform trades on your behalf. After vesting, there’s no way you can withdraw even 10 percent of the amount.

There’s also the problem of the platform failing to quote leverage and spread. With forex trading available, the platform ought to list these crucial features. We suspect the platform has high leverage of 500:1.

Regulators have put a lid on leverage to protect investors. In the United States, the regulator insists on a maximum leverage of 1:50 for retail traders. You also get maximum leverage of 1:100 in Europe.

We must also point out the vesting period. In a normal crypto investment venture, the shortest vesting period is three to four months. The profit margin is 12 to 18 percent. With tech coin trade, the platform makes bloated statements.

Business proprietor

Just as with the rest of the cloned platforms, the owner’s information is found in the testimonial section. Saul Goodman remains the face seen as the owner of the platform. The face certainly doesn’t match the name.

We have the face of a woman and a male name. Unfortunately, the people behind these clones didn’t do their homework. There’s no information on staff members working for the platform. And this makes Techcointrade an anonymous investment platform.

You have the right to ask for information on who handles funds in an investment platform. There are no social media profiles of anyone working for the platform. The platform itself doesn’t have any social media presence.

These are tell-signs that we are dealing with a rogue investment platform. You need to invest in a platform that offers transparency. There’s no way of recovering funds with an anonymous crypto investment platform.

Contact and customer support

When choosing an investment option, you should test how fast the platform responds to calls and emails. If a platform is dodgy, you won’t get a response on any channel. And that’s the case with the tech coin trade.

There’s no email response for days. The phone number listed rarely goes through. When it does, the person who picks up promises to get back at you. If you’re new, the next call will be to entice you to sign up with them.

Sending a withdrawal request via email alerts them that you want out. And this is where the platform shows its true colors. You will get your login credentials deleted without the platform offering any reason for it.

Deposit and Withdrawal options

Are funds safe with Tech coin trade?

To ensure investors fund their accounts with ease, there are several depository channels. These include bank and wire transfers. As a result, you get to fund your account within minutes of opening an account.

After funding your account, the balance will reflect within minutes. We found it surprising that there’s no crypto depository option. Members only deposit using bank and wire transfers. We don’t recommend you open an account with

Withdrawing funds from the platform has been a significant challenge for investors. But, unfortunately, no one gets to withdraw funds. And this is the reason for this review. No one gets to profit from investing with a clone.

Fake Client Testimony

On the client testimony section, there’s no truth in any comment. There are no profiles of these so-called users. Instead, the platform downloads stock images and uses them as clients. We have seen this happen way many times.

To know they are false claims, there’s not a single positive review from independent websites. None of these clients have any professional profiles. You wouldn’t get to trace them as these people don’t exist.

Fund Safety with Techcointrade

Your funds are far from safe with a platform that fails to offer investors insurance cover. The platform doesn’t segregate funds as required by law. All funds are held in a single account that belongs to the owner.

Is Techcointrade licensed or registered?

Is licensed or registered?

Techcointrade is not a licensed or registered platform. There’s no evidence that the platform offers any license documents. Instead, what we have are false allegations that CFTC and the NFA regulate the platform.

If this were true, we would have the platform’s name on the official registration page. The platform would also post copies of their license for all to see. Unfortunately, it’s not the case as the platform fails to apply for a valid trading license.

Our Verdict

It would be best if you stayed away from There’s no genuine investing taking place on the platform.

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