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Minebest is an automated advanced infrastructure company that specializes in cryptographic computing activities.

Minebest is one of the most dynamically increasing companies in the cryptocurrency mining industry, which specializes in constructing data center facilities tailored for providing systematic and professional mining equipment hosting services.

Minebest company was established in December 2017 by Eyal Avramovich, the chief executive officer of the company and a category of executives involved in mining cryptocurrencies and expertise in building and maintaining professional mining farms.

Minebest company's sales center and headquarters are located in Poland, Warsaw, which provided the most advanced mining solution in the market and focused on designing smart mining farms worldwide.

The company has multiple representative offices worldwide in the united states, china, Israel, Japan, South Korea, and Kazakhstan.

The Minebest company host multiple cryptocurrency mining farms in Kazakhstan at 20MW, 20MW, and 50MW, all at full capacity, also in Kazakhstan consist of 20MW which are under construction and looking forward to being ready in Q2 2020, 150MW looking forward to being ready in Q2 2020 and also a 100MW data which are under construction (50MW currently operational) all expected to be ready in Q2 2020.

Also, mine best hosts different types of equipment in its data center, which includes field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), graphics processing units (GPUS), and application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC). The website hosts an uninterrupted increasing number of thousands of mining machines running at optimal standards and efficiency.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best-advanced mining equipment, guarantee a secure facility, and maintain 24/7 the highest level of services.

However, in conjunction with our professional and experienced team, strategic clients & partnership, the company will be applying a new standard for the mining ecosystem and data center infrastructure facilities.

The Features of minebest are:

  • Provides cryptocurrency infrastructure and contract mining service. 
  • Offers portable mining data centers for mining farms.
  • Offers cryptocurrency contract mining and hosting services for shareholders. 
  • Ensures a secure facility.
  • 24/7 highest level of service. 

Basic information.

Website https://www.minebest.com

Headquarters Poland, warsaw

Type private

Area served worldwide

Found 2017

Founders Eyal Avramovich (CEO)

Location Poland

Specialties cryptocurrency,mining,hosting,mining farm,blockchain,bitcoin

Twitter @minebest




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  • REPLY Gkay (15-03-2022)
    This is a fraud company, they will ask you more money at the time of withdrawal, if you are reading this review then this is opinion to not invest in this scam
  • REPLY johan (29-07-2022)
    Loosing money on here is insane and i didn't want to go through what i went through as far as investments . I had to reach out to Rapid asset recovery. And just like it said online the were able to get my money back. It was amazing.' rapidassetrecove

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