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Minerstat company is a crypto mining platform that provides a remote dashboard solution and organization grade mining monitoring software for crypto miners' expertise.

 Minerstat is a crypto mining monitoring and management software. The company aims to provide management for crypto mining farms of any scale easy and profitability and maintain the individual miner’s needs' profitability and flexibility. 

Minerstat was established in late 2016. They provide a complete mound of solutions for crypto mining professionals, crypto mining OS, window GUI miner, and ASIC monitoring and management software.

  • 40+ supported Nvidia and AMD GPUs.

  • 40+ supported mining clients.

  • 60+ supported ASIC machines.

  • 500+ supported coin and multi-Algo pools.

  • 2000+ supported pool.

    The features of minerstat are:

  • It has a dashboard where all information and all the activities are shown on the dashboard screen.

  • It has address editors that keep all the pool and wallet in one place and monitor it.

  • It has a clock tune that works to optimize your mining with overclocking and undervoting tools for your AMD and Nvidia rigs.

  • User management, powerful APL, and white label solutions for mining managers.

  • Smart alerts on email, mobile app, and telegram.

  • It has a detailed overview of the whole mining activities.

  • Profit switch well customized to improve your mining activity.

  • It has a workers list and profile.

  • A control room where all work has been organized.

  • It has a public profile that includes all the customer’s account.

  • It has a scheduler tool that gives you an option to override all mining settings for a particular period of time in the day.

  • It has triggers that take action automatically after an important event is detected.

  • Statistics detected confirmed detailed confirmed data on your coins, mining performance, and hardware temperature.

  • It has a 24hours log and diagnostic confirmed and real-time troubleshooting tools.

  • Benchmark tool enables you a sim[ple and quick benchmark and an advanced benchmark to your own pools and wallets.

  • A white label that offers you an option to customize your public profile, protect it with a password, completely add google analytic to it and show it on your domain.

And now you know more about this company. Please let us know your experience with it. 

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  • REPLY johan (29-07-2022)
    This is a scam. Dont not fall for it. I did but i had to speak to a cop friend about it and he told me about an agency and they were able to help to help me get back my fund.. Contact "rapidassetrecovery66 at g mal com "

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