Mining Rig Rentals Mining gadget Review and Profitability Calculation Estimate

Mining Rig Rentals Mining gadget Review and Profitability Calculation Estimate Image
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Mining Rig Rentals is a Cryptocurrency marketplace service where bitcoin and other altcoin miners rent hash rate for mining. 

The company focuses on uniting users interested in renting mining equipment and rig owners who want to rent their hardware for the money. The owners describe the company as "the eHarmony of the mining community."

Mining Rig Rentals offer miners the opportunity to try out different mining equipment before investing in particular hardware.

The platform offers over 100 mining algorithms and associated rigs, and users can choose from. It is also very intuitive as there are video tutorials that can enable users to navigate their offers and services with ease.

With a rig rating system called RPI ( Rig Performance Index ), Mining Rig Rentals helps renters find the best rig to invest in. 

Rig owners need not fear when leasing their hardware, as Mining Rig Rentals ensures that renters can only direct their hardware's hashing power to a pool of their choice and will not be able to control it and their mining configurations, not even Mining Rig Rentals can change any of the hardware settings.

Mining Rig Rentals has an MRR token, which is an Ethereum ERC20 token. This token can be used to make donations to Mining Rig Rentals and as a gift for loyal customers. The token can only be used within Mining Rig Rentals, and it is not an ICO(Initial Coin Offering).

They also have a good support system that gives a quick and fair response to rig owners or renters' issues.

Mining Rig Rentals have been running for more than 5 years with a good reputation in the market, which seems to make them legitimate and trusted.



  • They have a complete hash rate history of all mining rigs.

  • Makes use of Live Hash rate graph

  • They have an automatic withdrawal system.

  • Customers are free to choose any available pool of their choice and add backup pools in case of a pool failure.


  • Their fees are a bit high.

  • Their website design is not that fancy.

  • They do not support bank cards for payment; only cry to currencies can be used

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