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Miningsky is a digital blockchain-based company that offers miner hosting and mining colocation in a dependable, secured, profitable and cool environment.

Miningsky enfolds all the cryptocurrency journey starting from providing a registered mining sky 8-GPU miner and a high-performance GUP-based miner produced which is designed to mine Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

The hosting facilities of miningsky company increased from Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, Belarus, Suriname, Ukraine, Kuwait, Serbia, and other hosting facilities positioned in a distant area with a dedicated, secured, and inexpensive power supply to ensure security.

The platform maintains and sets up the user miners. miningsky options for mining are designed to befit mining goals to make mining very easy for users. The company also provides hosting for different kinds of miners, which are the Antiminer S9 and Avalon.

miningsky miner hosting volume is one of the largest in various countries, including Ukraine, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, Belarus, Surinam, Kuwait, Serbia, and other places. 

Also,miningsky provides a good power and energy solution for comprehensive mining farms to help optimize the mining power consumption and provides a solution for mining farm construction and professional comprehensive miner hosting and colocation service to ensure your mining operation proceeds excellently. 

Miningsky has enough capital space and power, which gives mining colocation for over 800,000 miners each in each of the company hosting areas.  

  How miningsky works.

* login to the miningsky homepage on their website.

* Click on the “sign up” button; it will open a page containing ‘mining sky oi/bitcoin & Ethereum cloud mining register form.

* Fill in your personal information,  then you read the terms and conditions and then check the “I’m not a robot” captcha by clicking on it; when you are done, you click on the “register” button.

* After that, An account activation message will be sent to you, then select buy “hash rate” and choose either BTC or ETH depending on the one you want to mine. All you need to do is select the amount of hash rate you want to buy and click on the “proceed” button.

* Select to redeem or leave the 10% off complete coupon code by clicking on the “select payment method” button.

 * Two payment options will appear on a popup window; choose the option you want to use.

* Scroll downward and examine the terms and condition box, then click on the “confirm” button

* Select the cryptocurrency you want and proceed.

* You will then receive the hash power once the transaction is approved.

The Features of miningsky are.

  • It offers 2% of the world’s bitcoin hash rate.

  • It’s intuitive and easy to use.

  • The platform enables you to mine both bitcoin and ether at a competitive price.

  • It has mining operations in both the U.S and Canada that are open to customers.

  •  It offers a good solution for crypto mining based on blockchain technology.


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