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In Bursa, Turkey, MyGbit opened a mining farm in 2015 and boasted 200,000 miners as of 2018.


MyGbit provides multi-coin mining services and says it charges no pool fees to ease its community's mining experience.

Once hash rates are determined depending on the investment, all the mined crypto is distributed among investors.


MyGbit displays its mining packages/investment plans based on the amount invested and profit rate daily, monthly, annually, and 3-year basis. The plans are:




Pro Miner

Senior Miner

Chief Miner

Master Miner

Masterchief Miner

Limitless Miner


And in a bid to increase publicity of their program and plans,  they have a pretty detailed referral reward program. 


MyGbit platform has a bounty and achievement section, where members earn ETH hash power just for sharing on social media. It ensures that their customers interact with their platform and are not simply investors who drop money and wait to yield profit. I'd say this. 




1. A clear, easy to navigate web interface with clear procedures. This makes it easy for investors new to the crypto scene to follow and engage with.


2. Their referral program makes it more attractive to new and amateurish crypto investors as they have an opportunity to earn even more from the referral and MyGbit bounty programs.


3. Pictorial evidence of location and officials as well as the mining farm are available. This helps to instill some trust in the company.




  1.   Looking through their social media pages, they seem to be new on that front as all that's available in their promotional materials can also be found on the MyGbit site. (Either that or they wiped out old posts to give a facelift to their social media pages). It's something to watch closely.


   2. Their bounty and achievement programs can result in many of their members just posting stuff for the sake of bonus points.


3.   MyGbit Reviews are few and far between. However, the few existent ones say it's a legitimate service, and payouts are frequent and on time. Many other positive reviews are given. But all are based on their referral and bounty and social media sharing.




MyGbit website has very little technical information on the intricacies of mining. Information on their equipment, hash rate, payout system is absent on the site, so their target can be said to be majorly amateurish miners who're not interested in knowing all that.


Although in existence since 2015, MyGbit is only just coming to a vibrant social media existence, and so it's not easy to verify their legitimacy from their social media platforms. However, their presence on Google My Business is a great reassurance. 


Their website and brochure focus solely on mining investment packages, bonuses, and referrals, so an in-depth knowledge of their facilities and efficiency may be available only to their members. 


It's advisable to move very cautiously until their reputation builds up.

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  • REPLY johan (29-07-2022)
    This is a fake site and you won't get your money back. They start asing for some other fee . It is a ll part of thier scheme. I was able to get my money back with the help of Rapid asset recovery . contact 'rapidassetrecovery66 at Ggg mail dot com

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