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Myminer is a user-friendly free software tool for cryptocurrency mining. You can start mining your cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), and Monero (XMR) with just one click. You do not need to log in or shady exchanges because you get your mined coin paid directly by the mining pool.

With myminer, users can easily follow up with their mining process because its interface shows your balance directly from the blockchain, any special knowledge on Linux, which means the command line or bat files are not needed or necessary.

The Myminer company is more profitable than other crypto companies. There are so many cryptocurrencies obtainable. The company's work is to check your hardware and mine the most profitable one for you. So, as your GPU gets stronger and powerful, the faster you will get your coin.

The myminer website is also created to provide a comprehensive set of connected systems to point users a complementary software.

   Features of myminer.

  • Direct pool mining: my miner is not a middle man, so all mining is done directly with the pool, and the pool pays all coins.

  • No login or registration: my miner only needs a wallet address, which is generated by myminer, but if you already have a wallet address, you can as well make use of it.

  • Verifiable progress: my miner enables users to verify their pool balance on the website.

  • GUI with wallet and pool balance: my miner provides more information concerning their mining devices in experience mode.

  • Devfee 2%: myminer offers a 2% dev fee and is still developing and improving the software.

  • Up to date exchange rate: my miner research exchange rate regularly to find the most profitable coin.

Myminer essential information.

Cryptocurrencies: Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Monero (XMR).

Pools:, hashvault, nano pool, crux pools, coin foundry.

Mining software: Ethminer ( , XMR-stak ( , XM rig ( .

What myminer offers: Direct pool payout,  Free download, Your own wallet, Transparent values,  Multiple currencies, 2% development fees.

What myminer doesn’t offer: No loss due to exchange, No registration, No data tracking, No ads, No man in the middle.


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