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GlobeDX ( is a crypto exchange platform that offers an advanced trading experience. The platform offers leverage of 1:100, with buyers getting buy-back and burn features. Other features include staking and trading fee discounts. In addition, there’s no minimum deposit which makes it an interesting platform for newbies. Limits include a position of $10 million with a minimum tick size ranging from $0.05 to $0.50. Learn more in our exclusive GLOBEDX REVIEW.

About GlobeDX

Globe Derivative Trading is the full name of this crypto trading platform. It’s a startup that claims to be the coin base of derivatives. According to their information page, the platform resides in London, UK.

The platform gets its registration in Seychelles with the GDT ticker. It’s one of the first low latency derivatives exchanges. There’s no internal trading desk with an easy-to-use API and insured cold storage.

Some of the available offerings include sports and e-sports, real estate perpetual, DeFi, Pre-ICO trading, and more. Unique giveaways to find include socially driven BTC Puzzles and NFTs. There’s also an affiliate program to drive new users to the platform.

There’s a clear token use case that’s the same as FTT value props and Tokenometrics. Token use case helps increase demand and bring about a robust supply chain. So you get a high trading experience with the store.

GlobeDX lately received funding from Y Combinator. Other partners include Pantera Capital, Draper Dragon, Pascal Capital, and Capital Energy. As a result, the token exchange has performed exceptionally on the platform.

It started in March 2019 and is open for registration. There are over 39K followers on their Twitter account. This shows growth, making GlobeDX one of the best Crypto exchange and trading platforms.

Advantages of GlobeDX

Thanks to leverage trading, it’s possible to trade with 100X leverage and derivative trad; this is now possible. In addition, you don’t have to pay additional fees to access the 100X leverage feature.

You get prominent services with 0 percent maker fees. Once you make an order, it isn’t matched immediately. At this point, you are a maker, and you get a rebate for your maker position. Now that’s one of the best advantages of the platform.

Asia is a stronghold for crypto trading. The platform gets most of its users from Asia. However, users from other continents also join in. For example, if you’re from the United States, the platform is soon planning to allow access.

Exchange safety is a guarantee with the platform. The design makes it easy for clients and institutions to use. GlobeDX stores all Bitcoin in cold and multi-signature wallets. It makes it nearly impossible for hackers to access these funds.

Anyone can open an account and start trading with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. But, first, you have to know the basics of depositing and exchanging Bitcoin. Once you get over this hurdle, you’re good to go.

There’s no KYC policy to hold users back. And this means you can open an account with ease. The only verification process includes having a working email as proof of identity. And this makes it easy to open multiple trading accounts.

Cons of GlobeDX

The exchange and trading platform is not open to US users. And this limits trading volume by a mile. The platform ought to comply and meet US Regulatory standards to accept US citizens.

Globe DX doesn’t accept FIAT deposits. You can only use the exchange via one currency, Bitcoin. And this greatly limits the number of users who could join the platform. The platform ought to accept more depository options.

You only get a platform offering to trade to a handful of derivative products.

GlobeDX is an exchange with a lot of promise; take a look and sign up.





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