COINMINER Innosilicon T3 50T Review and Profitability Calculation Estimate

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Coin Miner Innosilicon T3 50T Review

Innosilicon T3 50T is an Application Specific Integrated Circuit mining device manufactured by the Innosilicon company. 

Innosilicon company launched this powerful Asic miner with enhanced performance in July 2019. 

When looking for a crypto mining hardware provider, we have found AsicminerMarket to be fair and transparent. They offer affordable and profitable mining hardware and have over time proven its reliability.

The company is known for their Litecoin, Bitcoin, Decred, Dash, and Zcash Asic miner production. 

They have produced multiple miners in the market such as T3 50T, T3 57T, T2T-30T, T3-50T miner and more. 

Innosilicon T3 50T uses the Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-256], a miner can miner over 40 minable coins, but Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash are the top coins of this device. 

Innosilicon T3 50T mining device has two power modes, the high-performance model which produces a high hash rate of 50TH/s for a power consumption of 3100W, and the energy-saving mode which produces a low hash rate of 33TH/s for a total power consumption of 1650W. 

The high-performance model has a faster hash and more power consumption, while the energy-saving mode reduces noise, heat and energy cost. Innosilicon T3 50T comes with a size of 272 x 203 x268mm and weighs 10kg. 

This miner has an AC voltage of 210-240V and a humidity range of 75 percent.

 Innosilicon T3 50T has a power supply unit (PSU) and power supply input current of 16A, but the PSU doesn’t contain the 220v AC cable. 

The miner comes with two fans for cooling, which helps cool down the system temperature and make mining operation go smoothly, therefore it has two 12cm fans for great cooling. 

Innosilicon T3 50T miner comes with a noise level of 75 DB which is normal to compare to most miners with noise levels of 60db to 80db.

However, users can buy a standard IEC C19 AC power cable to connect with the PSU. 

This powerful miner can solve any complicated mathematical problems and guaranteeing fairness while keeping the network secure and stable. 

This miner comes with the T3+ Asic technology that increases efficiency and reliability.

Innocilicon T3 50T specifications are




T3 50T

Also known as



July 2019


272 x 203 x 268mm

Gross Weight










Interface connection



5 - 45 °C


5 - 95 %

we proudly offer AsicminerMarket to be a profitable and affordable crypto mining hardware providing company.

Calculation Parameters
Power Consumption (Watts) 3100 W
Electricity Cost (per KWh) $0.1
Coin bitcoin
Manufacturer Innosilicon
Hashrate 50.0000000000 TH/s
Algorithm SHA-256
Payback Never
Contract Duration 226 days
Estimated Power Cost
Daily Power Cost $7.44
Weekly Power Cost $52.08
Monthly Power Cost $223.20
Annual Power Cost $2,715.60
Estimated Revenue W/O Cost
Daily Revenue $2.96
Weekly Revenue $20.72
Monthly Revenue $88.80
Annual Revenue $1,080.40
Estimated Profit After Cost
Daily Profit $-4.48
Weekly Profit $-31.36
Monthly Profit $-134.40
Annual Profit $-1,635.20

Disclaimer: The Above Profit Table is a carefully calculated estimate based on known real-time factors and Parameters. The actual values may or may not vary significantly from the values provided in the table above. The Above table is only meant to provide insights and afford Ideas to any cryptocurrency miner looking to purchase this particular Product for Mining Purposes.

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