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Coinfoundry Germany, Dallas, Singapore 0.30% PPLNS 2

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Baikal Giant+ A2000 1.6 GH/s 430W 65db X13

About bitcoindiamond

Bitcoin Diamond Coin Review: Mining Guide, Price & Analysis of Bitcoin Diamond Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Diamond uses the same protocols as the Bitcoin network. It was released in the market in November 2017. The main aim of creation is to upgrade transaction speeds and the mining process in the Bitcoin network. It is different from Bitcoin since the coin is private, secure, and uses larger block sizes.

Bitcoin Diamond Review, Bitcoin Diamond Platform

Additionally, the currency is fully decentralized. It uses a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. This fulfills Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision. This enables users to access the system no matter where they come from or their economic status. The currency’s primary focus is to provide better services than the Bitcoin network and develop new technology to upgrade the system.

The current CoinMarketCap is 103, with a market cap of $95,175,224. It has a circulating supply of 189,492,898 BCD coins and a maximum supply of 210,000,000 BCD coins. The price today is $0.510342 with a 24-hour trading volume of $2,968,213.

How Does Bitcoin Diamond Work?

One of the primary goals for this platform is speed. Therefore, Bitcoin Diamond raised its capacity by building a larger block size limit from 2MB to 8MB. This helps to enable faster transaction confirmations. The platform gains more attention in the market, which helps to attract more investors to the forum.

Bitcoin Diamond Review, Bitcoin Diamond Platform

Scalability allows Bitcoin Diamond to deliver capacity for a long time. It also opens up more use cases. This means that it supports higher transaction volumes. Additionally, Bitcoin Diamond lowers the transaction costs. In return, this increases the total supply. The change in supply helps improve the BCD circulation and makes it usable in small businesses and micropayments. This is an advantage to the platform since they are sure that transactions will take place daily.

Segregated Witness is a technology used to remove signatures from the transaction data. This helps to optimize storage, thereby increasing the block capacity for transactions. It also helps to prevent attacks on users’ transaction ID.

Can Investors Mine Bitcoin Diamond?

Yes, this token is minable. This currency uses the Proof of Work method to compensate miners. However, it is not easy to buy a large amount of mining power. Therefore, miners would need an ASIC computer to perform the mining process. This would result in a high consumption of electricity.

X-13 is an algorithm Bitcoin Diamond uses. It is easier and cheaper compared to the SHA256 hashing method Bitcoin uses. This enables miners to mine the token using their GPU. The hashing method is new, and it uses 13 functions. They include blake, bmw, groestel, jh, keccak, skein, luffa, cubehash, etc. They are not vulnerable to hack since you have to go through all of them.

You can also mine this token using ASIC mining machines. If you want high profits in the process of mining, then use GPUs. This is because it is better than AMD. Additionally, currently solo mining is not the most profitable way to mine this token. Therefore, that is why pool mining is highly advisable because you can pool your sources hence increasing your chances of mining a complete block.

The Developers Team

The people behind Bitcoin Diamond are anonymous. They decided to remain this way to preserve their privacy. However, rumors have it that there were two names Team Every and Team 007. They say these two were miners from Hong Kong who were never happy about the Bitcoin network’s services. Therefore they developed their own blockchain, which is known as Bitcoin Diamond.

The team focuses on the achievements of the coin and the ecosystem around it. The team also has experience in different professions. Most of the board members are top influencers and even some work in prominent organizations. Additionally, the developers are working very hard to ensure that the platform remains unique from others in the blockchain.

The Privacy and Security

This blockchain is the safest and most secure when transferring or storing information. Bitcoin Diamond uses encryption technology for security purposes. Bitcoin Diamond team wanted to encrypt user information. They also wanted to add more privacy features to the platform. However, they decided not to do it because soon the government will start passing laws that stop cryptocurrencies from hiding their users’ information. Therefore this means that businesses and individuals cannot support coins that offer high user privacy.

However, this does not mean that this platform is not offering any privacy and security on its platform. It protects starters against replay attacks. They do this by replaying regular transactions on the blockchain that have been used for Bitcoin Diamond. This way, hackers can steal BCD coins from the users using these two cryptos that are now forked. Therefore, Bitcoin Diamond had to develop a way to change its transaction format to avoid having the transactions with Bitcoin being seen valid on the BCD chain.

Our Take on Bitcoin Diamond Currency

Bitcoin Diamond helps decentralize mining. This has been a problem many miners have been experiencing for an extended period. It also has better transaction speed, network security, and scalability than Bitcoin.

The team behind Bitcoin Diamond can create a cryptocurrency that will be suitable and secure for even people who are not financially stable. They have also made it easy for Bitcoin Diamond holders to use the token to purchase many companies’ goods and services.


  • It’s faster than Bitcoin.
  • Low priced transactions.
  • It’s easier to mine.


  • No trust from the community.
  • They have not increased the level of user privacy

How to buy Bitcoin Diamond

This currency is among best altcoins in the market. If you are looking to buy some BCD for yourself, then you shouldn’t worry. There are several exchanges that you can purchase this coin. They include HitBTC, ZBG, Bitfinex, OKEx,, and many others. You can also exchange it using P2P exchange, credit or debit card and many more.

Additionally, if you are buying it using fiat or other currencies, you will require a wallet. The platform supports wallets that have information on how you can acquire them. The wallets that support it include mobi, paytomat, bitpie, atomic wallet, and many others. You can store your currency in your wallet or exchange.

The token is universally acceptable. It also has low fees. You can also buy it from an individual but when purchasing it, ensure you buy it from a reliable source. To encourage the community to help with this platform’s growth, contributors will be given specific amounts of BCDs as tokens of appreciation.

Final Verdict.

Bitcoin Diamond coin is the most secure cryptocurrencies in the market. The developers behind the currency are committed and experienced. Therefore they are capable of spearheading this platform to the future. Their goal is to offer faster transaction confirmations, lower the cost, and create more mining space. Even though some people have found it unreliable, I can assure them that it has made so many improvements compared to its parent blockchain, Bitcoin.

The improvements this cryptocurrency brought has made a significant impact on the blockchain market. The developer’s team is also working hard to come up with new technologies. That is why they have proposed a new project. This project is an electronic transaction system that will help ease access to digital currency.


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