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About Divi

Divi Review: Mining Guide, Price & Analysis of the Divi Cryptocurrency

Divi is a blockchain project that seeks to stimulate the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. To facilitate this, Divi has a variety of products. This includes the Divi Debit card for paying for goods and services. This brings cryptocurrencies to the hands of the public. Additionally, Divi came up with the Divi wallet to help people store and manage their crypto assets.

Divi mainly targets the unbanked population. The developers want to provide a convenient and reliable solution to these people. But this is not to say that Divi does not cater to people with bank accounts.

Divi Review, Divi Company

Divi aims to provide a decentralized alternative to banks. This has excellent social and economic incentives. It gives users control of their assets. Additionally, it helps users save on transaction fees. Divi has very minimal transaction fees.

Divi is competing with the best cryptocurrencies in the market. It aims to be an alternative to Bitcoin. They do this by providing a faster and more scalable solution. However, there are many other cryptocurrencies doing just that.

How Divi Works

Divi is a blockchain that uses the Masternodes approach. Masternodes are devices running the Divi wallet and perform activities on the network. They can participate in keeping the blockchain secure.

The masternodes on the Divi network have five different tiers. These tiers depend on the amount of Divi tokens held by a user. Users can choose the masternodes that they can afford. They can then stake coins to help support the security of the network.

Further, the coin implements MOCCI technology to help support users. MOCCI stands for Masternode One-Click Cloud Installer. This allows users to install a masternode in a single click. This ensures that anyone can install and run a masternode.

Therefore, the coin promotes fairness. The developers saw the need for this integration through their experience. Manual installation of masternodes on other blockchains proved to be a challenge. 

Additionally, Divi has improved efficiency and scalability. This is because it does not run linear processing. This reduces redundant processing in the network. Also, the developers enhanced their seesaw algorithm for efficiency. It can adjust the population of different masternodes to maintain maximum efficiency.

Can Investors Mine Divi Coins?

No, it is not possible to mine on this network. This network uses the Proof of Stake consensus. The PoS consensus does not support mining. Instead, it supports staking. Staking solves the same hash functions as with mining. However, the hash on this system is from the coin’s age and Unspent Transaction Outputs.

Validators on this network solve the hashing functions. They do this by finding the coin’s age. They do this by multiplying the age of the coin and the number of coins. Validators receive rewards just like on Proof of Work systems.

Further, this network contains what they call lottery blocks. The network randomly selects 11 winners at the end of a lottery cycle. However, not everyone can participate in this process. You can only participate if you stake UTXO greater than 10,000 Divi. 

Additionally, the chances of one winning depend on how much they stake. The higher the stake, the greater the chances of winning. 

The Team behind Divi

Divi claims to have a great team of experts behind the project. The leader of this team is the CEO, Geoff McCabe. He is a serial entrepreneur with excellent leadership skills. Geoff is also the founder of LightningWorks and Cryptomorrow. He is a great crusader for the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, Geoff has the experience necessary to spearhead the evolution of this coin.

Working with him is Nick Saponaro. He serves as the CIO of Divi. Nick is a developer, subject matter expert, and keynote speaker on blockchain technology. Before, this platfrm, Nick worked as a freelance web developer. This allowed him to gain a lot of experience in programming and technology in general.

It is clear that Divi is in the hands of professionals. Moreover, there are more team members who are equally qualified in their areas of expertise.

The performance of Divi Coins

Divi has a relatively encouraging performance in the markets. It exhibits the potential for growth. Currently, it ranks 128th in market cap share. It has a market cap of $72,718,536 at the time of writing this. It has a lot of room for improvement. 

Further, this coin has great adoption. The circulating supply is 2,078,430,094 DIVI. This is also the total supply of the coin. 

The only problem here is the competition this coin faces. There are so many other solutions offering the same services. Moreover, some of them are better-established and have better adoption.

Privacy and Security

The security of this network is world-class. The blockchain consists of distributed nodes. Hence, there is no central database to attack. Moreover, these nodes contribute computational power to keep the network secure. Therefore, an attacker would need very high computational power to attack it. This is very expensive to obtain.

Divi Review, Divi Features

Moreover, the consensus mechanism this coin uses helps in securing the network. It makes the network immune from 51% attacks and double spends. Validators on the network have a stake in the network. Hence, it is unreasonable for them to attack it. 

Even better, Divi gives users the ability to report bugs on the network. However, they do not mention any incentives for this. Bug bounties are a great way to encourage security experts to find vulnerabilities.

Our Take on Divi

There is no denying the benefits that come with Divi. It has faster transaction times than Bitcoin, and it is highly scalable. Therefore, it is usable in many sectors. Moreover, this cryptocurrency promotes adoption. It comes with debit cards and mobile wallets to improve accessibility.

However, it is operating in a sector that is already saturated. There are so many altcoins in the market. Even worse, there are a plethora of altcoins performing better than this coin. This may affect the adoption and success of this coin.


  • Highly scalable.
  • Fast transaction times.
  • Very secure and reliable.
  • Divi comes with a debit card and mobile wallet to improve accessibility.


  • The altcoin space is very saturated.

How to Buy and Store Divi Coins

If you like what Divi has to offer, then go ahead and buy it. You can do this from several exchanges online. Some of the best exchanges to trade the token include Bitmax, Bitfinex, LATOKEN, Stex, and Bitrue.

To store this coin, you need a crypto wallet. The best wallet to use, in this case, is the Divi wallet. It is available as a desktop application for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. The developers are working to introduce a mobile-based version for Android and iOS. You can sign up on their website to gain early access.

Final Verdict

Divi is a solid cryptocurrency with a solid mission. Anyone can get behind its mission. It aims to stimulate the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, which is very appealing.

However, it is operating in a sector full of other solutions. It is competing with some of the best altcoins, including Ethereum and Litecoin. These are better established and better-performing cryptocurrencies. It is impossible to see how this coin can dethrone such giants. In any case, it is impossible to tell the direction that Divi will take in the markets. 


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