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About GravioCoin

Graviocoin Review: Mining Guide, Price & Analysis of Gravio Cryptocurrency

Gravio is a cryptocurrency that offers a variety of services. The goal of this currency is to unite people, smart applications, and businesses. Additionally, the company allows users to communicate on-chain.

Further, the platform seeks to offer support for smart homes and smart cars. To achieve this, Gravio uses a network running on a single cloud service. The architecture of this network is fully decentralized. However, the project has a central team running the operations.

However, this is not an issue. The team seeks to place power in the hands of the community. They believe that the driving force of every economy is the people. Therefore, Gravio gives users the ability to upload and control digital content. 

That’s not all. The platform also allows users to set prices for their digital content. This includes photos, videos, articles, and other digital content. Users do not need a centralized media handler to upload and view content on Gravio. Let us see how the platform works.

How Gravio Works

Gravio utilizes several servers in its architecture. These servers enable communication between devices and applications. Additionally, they allow service delivery and data storage. Further, the architecture consists of microservers, a communication layer, and an integration layer.

To achieve this architecture, the network uses Jet.Framework. This is a cross-platform framework that enables processes in the network. The developers wrote its core using JavaScript to make it process-oriented.

Gravio Review, Gravio Platform

Additionally, Jet.Framework makes Gravio cross-platform in nature. For this, the framework needs a level of abstraction. This will separate information from the operating system. Therefore, the processes will run the same way in different operating systems. To achieve this abstraction, the developers used ANSI C++ in programming the framework.

Further, the framework allows Gravio to calculate response times and have configurability. This will enable Gravio to schedule and execute tasks quickly. Consequently, Gravio consists of speedy transactions. Additionally, this gives Gravio high scalability.

Even better, Gravio has integrability. The Jet.Framework adds an API and SDK layer to the network. These are necessary when creating adapters for different applications. Hence, Gravio gives developers a versatile development environment.

Can Investors Mine Graviocoin?

Yes, it is possible to mine Graviocoin. Gravio uses the Proof of Work mining consensus. The Proof of Work consensus is a very secure algorithm. However, it has its own shortcomings. Still, the team behind Gravio believes PoW is best suited for Gravio.

Further, Gravio uses the Scrypt encryption algorithm. This is a relatively easy to mine algorithm compared to the SHA-256 algorithm used by Bitcoin. Therefore, Gravio saves computational power. 

However, this is not to say that Scrypt is an easy algorithm to mine. You still need expensive hardware to mine Graviocoins. The best hardware to use is ASIC miners. Additionally, you can join a mining pool to join resources and increase the chances for a reward.

The reward for a successful block is 1000 Gravio tokens. This reward halves every two years. Additionally, the block size is 2 MBs, and the block time is one minute. Further, difficulty recalculation happens every 24 hours.

The Team behind Gravio

Gravio boasts one of the most experienced teams in the cryptocurrency space. The CEO of Gravio is Wladzislaw Pewzner. He is also the co-founder of the project. He has over 25 years of experience in Information technology. Additionally, he has been a Microsoft certified professional since the year 1998. He has tons of experience in spearheading software projects.

By his side is Andrew Demuskov. Andrew is a co-founder of Gravio and serves as the CTO. He has over 18 years in Information Technology. Previously, he served as the CTO and Systems Architect at Jet.Technologies. Additionally, he served as a Senior Developer at EGAR Technologies Inc.

Further, the team consists of other experienced individuals, including two other co-founders. Therefore, it is safe to say that this project is in safe hands.

Privacy and Security

Generally, blockchain projects have excellent security. Hence, Gravio has top-notch security. Distributed nodes in the network work together to keep the network secure. This makes it computationally expensive to attack the network. It is better to use that power in mining and get rewards. 

Additionally, Gravio uses encryption and cryptography to protect the system. Gravio encrypts all transactions and protocols on the network. The session key encrypts communication between the client and the front-end server. 

Additionally, the content key encrypts messages on the network. This applies to both peer to peer messages and group chats. Further, users require an access key to access all user data on the network.

Privacy protocols remain the same as with other cryptocurrencies. All transactions are transparent on the public ledger.  Gravio believes that transparency is vital in the use of cryptocurrencies. However, records on the ledger are immutable. This removes the possibility of malicious actions.

Graviocoin Performance

Graviocoin does not have excellent performance in the market. It currently ranks 833rd in market cap share. That is with a market cap of $3,755,831. Moreover, it has low liquidity. It has a 24-hour trading volume of $1,000.02 at the time of writing this. This is very low. Furthermore, it is showing a steady drop in the 24-hour trading volume.

The poor performance of this coin is due to low adoption. The circulating supply is 72,128,521 GIO. This is very low for a coin with a maximum supply of 2,000,000,000 GIO. There are better performing coins in the market offering the same services.

Our Take on Gravio

The company offers an interesting platform. The network is very versatile and involves fast transactions. It allows developers to build and launch applications quickly. Additionally, the entity is secure and has high scalability.

Gravio Review, Gravio Features

However, Gravio has low adoption. This cryptocurrency is barely in use. Hence, it would be hard to find a merchant that would accept this coin as payment. Additionally, this coin faces stiff competition from better-established cryptocurrencies. It is hard to see how it will dethrone such giants.


  • It is fast and secure.
  • It allows developers to build their applications on the network.
  • The network has high scalability.
  • The company has a great team of professionals behind it.


  • It has low adoption.
  • It has low liquidity.
  • The platform faces stiff competition from better-established cryptocurrencies.

How to Buy Graviocoins

If you like what you see with Gravio, then you can add the coin to your portfolio. The easiest way to obtain a cryptocurrency is always buying. You can buy Graviocoin from the Graviex exchange or Poloniex. The current price of one Gravio coin is $0.051651.

You will need a wallet to store your coins. For this, you can use the GIO Wallet from the Gravio team. It comes with security protection by Avast.

Final Verdict

Gravio has a great mission and vision behind it. Decentralization is an asset in this day and age. Additionally, Gravio provides users with the ability to communicate on-chain. We do not see this often in cryptocurrencies. Further, the project has a great team behind it.

However, Gravio has low adoption and liquidity. Therefore, it is hard to get any merchant to accept it as a payment option. It makes no sense to buy a coin that is not usable. Additionally, the value of this coin may never pick. This is because it faces stiff competition from better-established cryptocurrencies. Hence, as an investment, Graviocoin is a huge gamble.


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