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Market Data For lunacoin

Current Price $0.87
Market Cap $585,184,640
Market Cap Rank #152
Total Volume $177,138,672
High 24H $0.91
Low 24H $0.77
Price Change 24H 0.10%
Price Change Percentage 24H 12.35%
Market Cap Change 24H $65,480,684.00
Market Cap Change Percentage 24H 12.60%
Circulating Supply 674,354,560 luna
Total Supply 1,078,518,400
All Time High $18.87 -95.40%
May 28, 2022
All Time Low $0.38 129.69%
September 21, 2023 -

About lunacoin

Luna Coin Review: Mining Guide, Price & Analysis of Luna Cryptocurrency

Luna coin is the newest coin in the market whose intention is to enable users to share their DNA data results in exchange for a virtual currency called Luna Coin. This coin's main agenda is to pay contributors to personal data financial rewards in cryptocurrency, especially since pharmaceutical research companies will use the data to generate new drug targets.

This native token of the Terra Association is a utility token issued to fund the development of the cryptocurrency be used later to purchase a good or a service offered by the issuer.

The platform was founded by a group of veterans who previously worked in a genetic research firm. The group came together and developed a product meant to mine hereditary information from consumers in exchange for monetary compensation.

Funding and Governing Features

The availability of Luna coin was first experienced in a private token sale for initial investors. It included the investment presence of the main exchanges like Binance, OKEx among others.

Luna Review, Luna Company

An amount of $32 million was gathered from the private sale that came to an end in August 2018. 12% (385,245,974) of the funds gathered were further shared to different departments in the Terra association. 10% was first allocated to test rooms owned by Terraform. Contributors to the project and company employees got a whole 20% of the funds.

The Terra group got a share of 20%. The reserves meant to stabilize the price got a share of 20%. The project kickstarters got the biggest share of 26%  of the shared amount and finally 4% was given to Genesis for providing liquidity to the company.

The Team behind Luna Coin

The team that came up with the Luna product was wholly from the previous employer Illumina. The team has different people including the company chief executive officer, Bob Kain, the chief information officer, Scott Khan, cryptocurrency creators, gaming gurus, and sciences investors.

Can Investors Mine Luna Coin?

Yes, investors can mine Luna coins. Users/clients can do so by contributing their genetic information to the company and being paid for the service in cryptocurrency, in this case, the coin. This token has the essence of promoting development since it's a native token of Terra.

The coin is protected by a concept that ensures the more the stake one has on the coin the more the power one has to mine. The main aim of holding the token is to enable verification of transactions and securing of rewards according to the persons’ shareholding.

Luna Review, Luna Features

It is also allowed for token holders to choose representatives who can verify transactions on their account and thereafter share the proceeds. As an additional security feature, Terra provides guidance to verification nodes on how best to keep the system safe.

Mining Luna is an easy task as it can also be done through iPhones, thus convenient. In Nov 2020, the Luna coin traded 6.6% higher against the US dollar. One Luna Coin cost $0.0051 or 0.00000028 BTC on common exchanges, including Poloniex and YoBit.

Contact Details

Every company ought to have a support system for their clients in case they have issues that need to be solved. Luna Company has not been left behind with this essential requirement. The company offers Telegram support to keep its users up to date with the changing crypto trading environment.

Their users can contact Luna support @Bitluna Telegram. They can also receive instant notifications through their mobile phones, Livechat with support is also available, and support tickets for any concerns and matters regarding the Luna network also provided.

Luna Coin’s Performance

Accuracy cannot be predicted when dealing with digital currency as they are volatile. Therefore, It's always recommended to do due diligence before deciding to invest in any cryptocurrency.

The performance of Luna coins started with a great trend. The market cap of the coin stands at $8,661.01. Further, the total supply of Luna coin is a billion. An excess of the supply would force the coin to resume to the original quantity. One Luna Coin can currently be purchased for about $0.0051 or 0.00000028 BTC on popular exchanges, including CoinExchange and YoBit. To validate Luna tokens, a protocol algorithm is followed to stabilize the fee of Terra’s low volatility coins.

Privacy and Security of Luna Coin

It's not obvious that cryptocurrencies offer privacy and anonymity to their users. Some digital platforms allow total access to their users, while others have privacy as an optional thing. Luna coin puts security first. Privacy and security are major features to observe when joining a crypto venture.

Luna Coin Company is dedicated to keeping the information of its clients safe and secure. They have put an online encryption security feature by comodo 128Bit SSL, which is widely used. Additionally, they ensure security through pins for their users and Date of Birth verification features to tighten security. Luna is therefore prepared for any attacks that may come their way.

According to Certik, the Terra network's economic model of manipulation, architecture, and coding language was considered sound.  However, no report on the conduct of the blockchain was made.

You can only mine crypto if you know where to get it. The coin is available for mining in a number of crypto sites. The exchanges i.e. Huobi, Bitfinex are where Luna is bought and sold in-line with other cryptos and altocoins.


  1. Luna coin wallets are available on an iPhone and are easy to use.
  2. Their transactions are secure.
  3. Instant withdrawals in any processor
  4. There are multiple earning methods available.
  5. Luna wallets can be used for merchant and normal users too.


  1. There's a question of its stability due to the target audience. Only 4 percent of the world has the genetic data needed by pharmaceutical research companies.
  2. It only uses cryptocurrencies, thus limiting fiat currency users.
  3. Luna coin is not open-source. It is privately owned and, therefore, not be analyzed.

How do I buy Luna Coin?

Luna coins are easy to buy and available when needed. To buy the coin, you only need to follow a two-step process.

  1. Buy either Bitcoin or Ethereum from an exchange that accepts deposits from a debit card/bank account like Bitfinex.
  2. Then transfer your newly bought crypto (BTC/ETH) from your Bitfinex to a marketplace that sells Luna in exchange for Bitcoin or Ethereum. Luna coin's withdrawal fee and the minimum amount that can be withdrawn is $0.0001/0.01 Luna.

Final Verdict

It's your choice to invest in whatever makes you money. Luna coin is the next big thing in genetic history. However, this product's success is dependent on the DNA data from the target audience, which happens to be 4% of all genomic samples. The fact that blockchain technology is used makes the transactions more secure, thus a worthy investment.


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