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Market Data For Swipe

Current Price $0.56
Market Cap $198,080,944
Market Cap Rank #291
Total Volume $12,235,169
High 24H $0.33
Low 24H $0.31
Price Change 24H 0.01%
Price Change Percentage 24H 4.75%
Market Cap Change 24H $9,133,019.00
Market Cap Change Percentage 24H 4.83%
Circulating Supply 601,139,392 sxp
Total Supply 602,489,536
All Time High $5.79 -94.31%
May 3, 2021
All Time Low $0.16
March 18, 2020 -

About Swipe

Swipe Coin Review: Mining Guide, Price & Analysis of Swipe Cryptocurrency

Swipe is a cryptocurrency ecosystem seeking to provide different financial services. The platform offers different services to buy, sell, and make payments using cryptocurrency. The goal is to provide users with all market needs without leaving the Swipe network. To achieve this, Swipe has three main aims.

Swipe Review, Swipe Platform

First, they want to stimulate more adoption of cryptocurrencies. This is the first goal to make cryptocurrency a household name. The next goal of the company is to provide a frictionless user experience. A user-friendly system ensures swift transactions and more adoption.

Finally, Swipe seeks to provide an all in one ecosystem. This means that the user does not leave the platform for their financial services. This is very convenient. However, some cryptocurrency enthusiasts may not like this. This is because it poses the risk of centralization.

But this does not seem to bother many. Swipe is seeing great success in the market. This is despite Swipe being around for only one year.

How Swipe Works

The goal of Swipe is to support the mass adoption of cryptocurrency adoption. They do this in several ways. The first approach is through the Swipe debit card. This is a tool to bring cryptocurrencies into the hands of the public.

Swipe Review, Swipe Platform

There are several cards users can get. These include Saffron, Sky, Steel, and Slate. All these cards come with different perks. For example, the Saffron card gives users a 1% cashback on all purchases. Additionally, you get ATM cash access. The top-level card is the Slate card. Holders of this card enjoy 8% cashback in all purchases. Also, there are no foreign transaction fees on this card.

Also, Swipe seeks to ensure that users can easily spend their cryptocurrencies. They do this through Swipe Pay. Swipe Pay is an integration that allows businesses to receive cryptocurrency payments.

Further, Swipe provides users with a cryptocurrency wallet. This is to ensure that you can safely and conveniently hold your cryptocurrency assets. Moreover, you can perform different other tasks on the Swipe ecosystem.

Can Investors Mine Swipe Coins?

No, it is not possible to mine Swipe coins. This is because Swipe uses the Proof of Stake consensus. Here, users stake their coins to maintain the security of the network.

Additionally, validators verify transactions on the network. But, not everyone can become a validator. You need to have a set minimum number of coins first. The Proof of Stake consensus is becoming more popular with each day. This is because the Proof of Stake is immune to centralized mining.

Centralized mining is where a miner owns most of the mining power in a network. This exposes the network to the possibility of a 51% attack. No one would attack a network in which they have a huge stake.

Additionally, Proof of Stake requires less computational power to mine. This has many economic and social incentives. Stakers on the network receive rewards depending on the amount they stake. Moreover, the amount you stake determines the card you receive.

The Team behind Swipe

Swipe has a great team behind it. The founders of this product are experts in blockchain technology and finance. The CEO is Joselito Lizarondo. He is an early investor and adaptor of Bitcoin. Additionally, he has immense experience in startups.

By his side is the COO, John Khenneth. He is a former creator at Vibial Group. Further, joining John is Anecita Sotomil. He is the CLO. He has tons of experience in law from working at PricewaterhouseCoopers. It is clear that Swipe has only professionals on its team.

Moreover, they have partnerships with tons of reputable companies in the cryptocurrency space. Some of these firms include Binance, BitGo, Chainlink, and Travala.com. This shows that these companies have faith in the mission and vision of Swipe.

SXP Tokens

SXP tokens are the coins that power the Swipe ecosystem. You can use it to pay for transactions in the ecosystem. Additionally, you can use this token to pay for goods and services. This token is seeing great success in the market.

It currently holds the 130th rank in market cap share. This is with barely a year and a half in the markets. It has a market cap share of $75,879,439. This shows that this coin has excellent adoption in the market. It has the potential to disrupt how we make payments to merchants.

Further, this coin is a governance tool. Holders of this coin can submit proposals for updates and future developments. Additionally, holders of this coin have the right to vote on submitted proposals. This places governance of the ecosystem into the hands of coin holders.

Privacy and Security

Swipe is a blockchain project. It consists of distributed nodes that work together to maintain the security of the network. Moreover, these nodes have fault-tolerant capabilities. This means that they help each other recover in case of a successful attack.

Additionally, Swipe partners with Certik to audit and verify the security of the network. This helps in finding entry points and vulnerabilities in the network. The developers can then solve such issues in the next security update.

Further, Swipe ensures privacy if users remains a top priority. For this, they partner with PCI to audit and verify their security standards. They hold a PCI DSS Level 1 certification.

Also, it is important to remember that Swipe uses smart contracts. These add another layer of security to the platform. They confirm this through audits performed by Certik.

Our Take on Swipe

Swipe is a revolutionary blockchain project. They offer a range of services. The goal is to provide all financial services under one platform. Additionally, the developers seek to stimulate the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Their debit cards put cryptocurrencies in the hands of the public. These cards give users the ability to make payments using cryptocurrencies. To make this easier, they provide businesses with Swipe Pay. This is an integration that allows them to support cryptocurrency payments. Fast transactions also mean that this is usable in many sectors.

Further, Swipe has great partnerships with a lot of reputable cryptocurrency companies. This is very appealing and can spark more adoption from the public.

How to Buy Swipe Coins

It is clear that this coin has a lot of value. Therefore, it is a great asset to have in your portfolio. Luckily, you can buy this coin from several exchanges. These include Bitfinex, Binance, HitBTC, CoinTiger, and VCC Exchange. The price of this coin is $0.944162 at the time of writing this.

The 24-hour trading volume for this coin currently stands at $23,309,539. This shows that this coin has great liquidity. This makes it perfect for holding and selling later. Swipe has a proprietary wallet that you can hold your coins in.

Final Verdict

The Swipe ecosystem has the ability to disrupt how we make payments all over the world. The ecosystem provides several services, which makes it very convenient. You do not have to leave the ecosystem for any of your needs. Unfortunately, this comes with the risk of centralization.

But this does not seem to bother a lot of individuals. This ecosystem is seeing great success. Consequently, Swipe tokens have great value in the markets. As it stands, holding Swipe coins seems to be a great investment.


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