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January 1, 1970
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January 1, 1970 -

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About HavenProtocol

Haven Protocol Coin Review: Mining Guide, Price & Analysis of Haven Protocol Cryptocurrency

Haven protocol is an untraceable cryptocurrency that proposes a new way of achieving stable fiat value storage. This is achieved while being traded at market value by incorporating new technologies.

Haven Protocol Review, Haven Protocol Platform

Primarily it is a cryptocurrency with a mix of real-world asset-pegged value storage. It achieves this through a minting and burning process within a single blockchain. The parent website havenprotocol.org claims that the coin is easily convertible into different currencies, including USD, CNY, and GOLD. Users can convert $1 worth of Haven coins into USD and vice versa. Though relatively new compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Insight and overview of Haven Protocol

The official website allows anyone to create a wallet or refer to it as a vault where one can store coins, transfer them, or convert them into different assets. This vault offers a secure way of interacting with one's coins without the interference of go-betweens or third-parties, which may steal your addresses and passwords.

This, therefore, renders the currency very secure. The cash is also based on Monero, which is well known for its privacy and stealth; this offers users anonymity and privacy when performing transactions.

Therefore, transactions cannot be traced hence providing anonymity online or even on the deep web. Haven offers offshore storage, which provides investors with a stone-cold currency that is not subject to market fluctuations.

Haven Protocol Review, Haven Protocol Platform

The coin's stability is achieved with an algorithmic dual coin blockchain, which is characteristic of all coins that aren't asset backed.

This blockchain uses a two-coin system to facilitate the fluctuations in the supply of Haven coins(XHV). When users burn XHV, an equivalent amount in asset or currency is produced.


As of December 14, 2020, this coin had a market capitalization of about $42 million.A 24 hours trading volume of $900,000, and a value of 1XHV= $3.05.

The Team of Haven Protocol

The team behind this developed Haven as an open-source project and promises to releases its code every year after security audits. The principle of being open source gives users some knowledge in computer languages to review the ins and outs of the different platforms that Haven vault can be hosted .

The team reviews its code and makes new developments and improvements to ensure that user platforms offer the best security and user experience. The developer team includes Dweab, Pierre Lafitte, Neac, and Marty, who are the team lead, and several contribute groups.

Haven Protocol vs. Bitcoin

Compared to Bitcoin, Haven coins can be converted into cash via the Haven Protocol vault and used where the money is needed.

Haven offers faster transaction time, unlike bitcoin, which takes a lot of time before confirmation of a transfer. Haven is on the rise and easy to invest in, whether through mining or purchasing coins, unlike Bitcoin, which requires heavy investment.

The lack of third parties or intermediaries selling XHV eliminates the risk of ripping off their money and ensures that one buys coins directly from the official website.

How to mine Haven protocol coin (XHV)

Mining is one of the recommended ways to accrue hefty returns, . Mine is made available for solo mining and pool mining. In solo mining, one undertakes the mining process at the comfort of their living room by the use of a personal computer; GPU's are used. However, for pool mining, one joins a group of miners by contributing the computational power toward the resolving of an advanced Mathematical problem. Notably, the pools that enable haven mining charge a fee of 1% or less. Some of these pools available on the website.

Advantages and disadvantages based on track records


  • Making transactions through XHV coins ensures that both users know the amount transacted without the risk that their currencies fluctuate in value due to market changes. Compared to other coins such as Bitcoin and Monero, which are traded publicly, users won't always have to be on the lookout if the market will dump. For example, after the 2017 bull run of Bitcoins, the market left, and all users on the receiving end of transactions ended up in losses if there was an exchange of goods and services for Bitcoins. This cannot be the case with Haven Protocol.
  • Haven offers anonymity because, during transactions, neither party will be required to wire fiat to each other's banks, therefore rendering each transaction untraceable. This can come in handy when purchasing items on the deep web.

Other advantages also include

  • On the official website, the team has stipulated that it will come up with exciting new ideas. In the first quarter of 2020, they came up with a newly designed Desktop vault with a Haven statement that facilitates exchange functions between XHV and XUSD. In Q2 2020 they came up with a major overhaul and redesigned their code to ensure long-term success, and a proof-of-value mechanism is established. After this audit, n their code, they went ahead to release the code to the public for review. One of the significant upgrades coming up in the last quarter of 2020 is the development and integration of a Woocommerce plugin. This will allow users to pay for goods and services in online stores quickly. These payments will be conducted with a very high level of privacy to ensure the anonymity of both the business and the buyer.
  • Haven offers a two-coin system that mints coins forwards and backward. This makes sure that demand and supply are kept in check and that users won't rely on having a centralized pool of funds, which is very risky. This gives users the freedom to keep large amounts of funds in coins and still be able to convert them at any given time without delay.
  • As time progresses, we should expect to see new brilliant ideas on their roadmap, which will offer privacy and more secure ways to conduct transactions across multiple applications.


  • Keeping large amounts of money offshore will always attract attention from the government. This is a significant concern for stores that will start accepting XHV because they will be required to pay taxes on their earnings, and this will have breached the element of privacy. Adopting the use of XHV will come with challenges such as no matter how smart their Woocommerce plugin is, it will still be subject to government scrutiny.
  • Anonymity is a characteristic seen in all cryptocurrencies, plus it comes with its challenges. The Development team hasn't offered much in terms of their lives but gave users single names on their website to hide their identities. This, in turn, may put off investors who are keen to detail. The lack of an initial public offering or token sale ensures that the team's activities remain private.

Our take on Haven Protocol currency

As different cryptocurrencies emerge up into the market, anonymous altcoins simply fully utilize the niche on platforms such as Darknet and other networks that require high caliber levels of anonymity. For this, we think such with all the security features and different developments, it seems that the heaven protocol cryptocurrency is one of them made available to anyone who wishes to perform an anonymous transaction without the revelation of crucial credentials.

Final Verdict

Cryptocurrencies are smart money and a lucrative investment venture. Haven Protocol is growing steadily, and as with any investment, you should do your research before putting in your money. You can acquire Haven coin by buying them on exchange like Poloniex


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