Copy 4 Wealth Review: What can you learn about trading from them?

Copy 4 Wealth (copy4wealth.com) seems to be a blog, majorly run by a single individual, Mujibur Rahman. As the name indicates of the website indicates, it is dedicated to helping people replicate the stock market portfolio created by Mujibur and hence make profits.  The tagline of the website reads –

‘Build a Multi-Million Dollar Dividend Paying Stock Portfolio’

Copy 4 Wealth Review

The best part about the website is its ‘About’ page, which gives an insight into who the person is, his level of financial expertise, and what you can expect by following in his footsteps. Mujibur Rahman resides in Chigwell, a small city in Essex, United Kingdom. There is a full-size picture of him in this section, which certainly adds to the trust factor.

Founder’s experience with Copy 4 Wealth

Here is what he has to say about it his journey so far, and what the visitors can expect from him –

Mujibur began his journey by jumping straight into the stock with the aim of achieving the same amount of success, the stalwarts of stock market have over the years. Similar to what happens with most of the people starting out in the stock market, Mujibur’s investment got wiped away before he could get a hang of things. Mujibur shares on his website, how his judgment of reading various charts and identifying trends shown by various indicators proved to be a complete failure. Post losing his investments in multiple CFD or Contract for Difference trading, he decided to take a completely different approach in investing.

The investment goal

He is set on creating a portfolio, which will have stocks that pay dividends. Mujibur says that continuously researches which stocks he can buy and which ones he can sell to keep his portfolio healthy. To minimize the risk, he has set the goal of holding the stocks for a period ranging from 3 – 12 months. Ace investor, Warren Buffett, strongly vouches for this tried and tested investing approach. The investor focuses on compounding profit over a long time, without bothering to look too much into the stock market’s daily fluctuations. Mujibur Rahman has targeted a valuation of $5,000,000 with his portfolio and encourages the user to do the same.

His approach will ensure that the dividend earnings get compounded by purchasing more stock. If you calculate the average dividend payout on $5,000,000 at a rate of even 2%, it will generate a yearly amount of $100,000.

Portfolio stocks

Nowhere does he claim to be an absolute expert on the subject matter, guaranteeing great profits. Same as for everybody else, there is a learning curve for him, and all that he claims to be doing through his blog is pass on those learning. And if you wish to trust his analysis and forecast, you may choose to build your stock portfolio based on his. He has shared his portfolio on eToro.com, a social network for traders, where you can copy portfolios of leading investors.

His focus remains on going after stocks which can yield good dividends on a regular basis. Mujibur Rahman has done profiling of mostly large companies like VISA, TESLA, Pepsi, Microsoft, and others, which is a safer approach to investing.

Lack of information

What is strange about the website is that all the posts were uploaded in the month of February, this year. If put in perspective, he is the only person running the blog, hence it is quite possible and common to see a fair amount of irregularity. Nothing has been posted before or after that. Apart from the profiling of the companies there a blog post as well, this talks about how a user can generate passive income, using stocks that pay good dividends. The blog isn’t detailed and gives out minimal information.

The website also features a live traffic counter. It is a fair indicator of how many people and from which parts of the world are active on the website. The traffic is on the lower side, hardly exceeding a couple of visits per day, which is understandable, owing to the lack of content on the website.

There is no contact information given on the website, in case the user wants to connect to the admin. The only way to go about it is by following Mujibur Rahman on eToro.

Domain history of Copy 4 Wealth

The posts on the website may be fairly recent, but the domain name was purchased way back in 2006. Over the course of the last 14 years, the IP has undergone 15 changes on a total of 15 different IP addresses, which raises a lot of questions about its history. Copy 4 wealth, a suspicious name in the first place, could have easily been involved in scams or fake schemes in the past, or maybe offering a completely different set of products, services or information, than what it is doing currently. There is absolutely no information in terms of license and registration, which indicates that the blog isn’t officially registered as a company or a subsidiary. This reduces the website’s accountability factor, and all that a user has to trust on are the pieces of information given on the website, which isn’t much in the case of copy 4 wealth.

The Facebook community

Though there is one way to get in touch with him, and is through Facebook. Mujibur had created a group on Facebook in 2014, named Make Money Online – UK. The group has a staggering member count of around 115,772, as of 4th August 2020, and bustling with posts, averaging around 200 per day, a clear indicator of the members’  activeness levels. It’s a private group, which doesn’t ask any questions at the time of sending a request to join. A user can connect to Mujibur through his profile as well, most of whose section is public, allowing you a peek into the life of a person administering the large Facebook community.

The members of the Facebook group usually post about the companies they have invested in how it has performed for them. The community also shares multiple articles and videos which talk about investment techniques, tips to follow, dos & don’ts of investing, and other news & information bits around multiple forms of investing, be it in traditional companies or cryptocurrencies. Most of what you can expect is opinions based on others’ experiences and learning.

For those who are relatively new to share market and stocks, there is a lot of information flowing around for you to grab on to. You can get your doubts cleared and receive suggestions on what you want to buy or sell, depending on your target income or the amount of risk you are willing to take for reaching the goal.

It is strongly advisable to do a fact check on the information you receive on the Make Money Online – UK, Facebook group. Along with some legit news and information, there may be many scams and deals which give fake promises of cashing onto quick profits.   

Overall verdict

Copy 4 Wealth Features

Mujibur Rahman does have a decent amount of experience in the stock market and investing and you can take a feather or two out of his cap by following his portfolio. However, please diversify your monies by following other leading investors to safeguard your interest and minimize the percentage of loss. 

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