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CryptoCrownTrade Review: A Dubious Crypto Platform

Another clone, CryptoCrownTrade, is by far the most outrageous crypto investment scam so far. What we have is a platform that fails to offer investors a chance to withdraw. Crypto Crown Trade is even professing to guarantee 90 percent in trading returns. What we have uncovered with is enough to warrant authorities to investigate. Here’s what we found out in our exclusive CRYYPTOCROWNTRADE REVIEW.

About CryptoCrownTrade

CryptoCrownTrade Review

On the about us section, CryptoCrownTrade claims to be a consistently profitable crypto investment platform. But, unfortunately, what we see is a platform that fails to offer investors a genuine way of investing.

Crypto Crown Trade does not guarantee any safety of funds. To add salt to injury, the platform is a burst. No one has come out with concrete proof of withdrawing from the platform. And this makes it a non-existent crypto investment platform.

It would help if you learned how to spot these crypto scams. Thanks to our keen eye, we will help expose all the red flags found on The platform will only take investors funds are fail to release them,

That’s what’s happening to the current crop of investors. No one gets to profit from the platform and walk away happy. Instead, regulators have been asked to check the platform and investigate further.

We, too, have conducted our investigation. What we found out regarding the platform will undoubtedly shock investors. We have a platform that fails to offer any genuine investment options. It’s why we must expose it.

You should first find out whether a platform is legit from reputable sources. Then, try and find out what other investors are saying about the platform in general. So far, there are no positive reviews from independent review websites.

Accounts CryptoCrownTrade

CryptoCrownTrade offers three investment packages, just like the other clones. The three include starter, basic, and premium. Each of the tiers promises users a guaranteed profit margin. And this is one of the many red flags to spot with the platform.

Here’s a closer look at each of the three accounts;


The starter account is best suited for beginners and newbies, and this is according to the platform. You have to deposit a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $1,000. The account promises 50 percent of your investment within seven days.


With the basic plan, investors must deposit $500 to $10,000. The account promises investors 100 percent ROI after a three-day vesting period. Other notable features of the account include 24-hour support.


For the premium account, investors must deposit $5,000 and above. The account is targeting institutional and advanced investors. There’s a high ROI margin of 250 percent. And this is another worrying feature.

Account Features

CryptoCrownTrade Accounts

With each account, the platform promises to help investors make a high profit. The platform guarantees it. With crypto being a lucrative investment option, most investors believe in the guarantee factor.

Ask an expert; making such bold statements is out of the question. Just like any other market, the crypto market is volatile. Prices change without warning. Investors and traders alike are bound to make losses.

We also have to point out that the platform also avails of crypto trading. So you get leading crypto assets paired with major forex pairs. These include Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.

When it comes to trading, a platform must disclose the available features. And this means letting investors in on the maximum leverage acceptable for trading. But, unfortunately, the information on leverage and spreads is missing from the platform.

Regulators have put a lid on leverage to protect investors from losing considerable volumes of trade. In the United States, CFTC has put leverage on retail traders at 1:50. Europe’s top regulators have put a cap on leverage at 1:100.

We suspect is instilling leverage of 1:500. High leverage means you risk losing more when you make a losing trade. That’s why regulators had to swoop in and protect investors and traders.

Are Funds safe with CryptoCrownTrade?

Your funds are far from safe with a platform that fails to offer insurance cover. Once you fund your account, the platform doesn’t segregate funds. And this puts funds in jeopardy. If and when the platform winds up, no one will get any compensation.

Business owner

Information on who owns and runs the platform remains sketchy. What we have is a name found on the testimonial page as the owner. However, the face certainly doesn’t match the name, which is why we believe it’s a fake persona.

Saul Goodman is the name we are told is the CEO and Founder of the platform. The face is that of a Chinese decedent. The actual owners of this and the other clone platforms remain hidden.

And this makes CryptoCrownTrade an anonymous investment platform. You should try and avoid anonymity in every way possible. As an investor, it’s your right to know who handles public funds,

Contact and support

You should also test how effectively a platform responds to calls and emails. In this case, the platform avails an email address and a phony phone number. The phone number rarely goes through.

We suspect the platform is using a virtual phone number. When members send withdrawal requests via email, there’s no response. It’s a tactic from the platform to try and control the communication process.

CryptoCrownTrade License and Registration

CryptoCrownTrade is not a licensed or registered platform. Therefore, we have to insist that you stay away from anonymous and unregulated platforms. These two features will end up making you lose funds.

You should check with regulators to confirm whether a platform is duly registered. Check with reputable regulators such as ASIC, BaFIN, CNMV, CONSON, CySEC, and the FCA. The platform in question claims to be regulated by CFTC and the NFA.

After checking with the two regulators, it turns out that the platform is not licensed. The license number posted at the disclaimer of the website is false. And this is proof the platform is fraudulently claiming regulation.

Fake Client Testimonials

Are funds safe with Crypto Crown Trade?

To try and sell the platform’s credentials, we have a testimonial section. None of these people invest with the platform. These are fake profiles of people who don’t exist. There are no existing professional or social media profiles of these members.

We can also see a pop-up message with information on other users who seem to win and withdraw. These are fake alerts that the platform uses to fool investors. You stand a better chance of winning the lottery than starting from Crypto Crown Trade.

Funding Methods

There are several funding methods available on the platform. What’s missing is a crypto funding depository option which is weird. Seeing that Crypto Crown Trade is a crypto investment platform, you would expect it to accept crypto.

Funding methods include bank and wire transfers. Once you fund your account, the balance will reflect within 24 hours. Those that send using wire transfers are bound to be roped in with false claims. The platform will claim not to have received your funds.

We don’t recommend you deposit funds with the platform. No one has made any withdrawals for the past few weeks. And this is the reason why we have to flag it down as a fraud. The platform doesn’t allow anyone to profit from crypto investments successfully.

Our verdict

is licensed or regulated?

No one will benefit from investing with CryptoCrownTrade, and please stay away.

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