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FXCoinProfit Review: Another CFTC Blacklisted Platform

FXCoinProfit ( is blacklisted by CFTC and also happens to be a clone. The platform has been on the news lately, with members complaining of withdrawal delays. Most of them have been on hold for over two months. With other clone platforms already exiting, we firmly believe FX Coin Profit will follow suit. We must expose the red flags found on the platform. Here’s our detailed FXCOINPROFIT REVIEW.

A Closer Look at FXCoinProfit

FXCoinProfit Review

What we have is a replica of DigitalExchange24 and HashCryptoMine24. These are websites with the same web layout as FXCoinProfit. We must expose these platforms or have naïve investors end up losing their investments.

Regulators are battling this scourge that unknown persons have lighted. We believe FX Coin Profit is an offshore-based crypto investment platform. By claiming to reside in the United States, the platform targets investors from the region.

Other investors from Asia and Europe have fallen victim to this platform. And this is why we must expose it to prevent others from falling into the same trap. How the platform works is the same as the other clones.

You will get a platform that guarantees high-profit margins within the shortest time possible. And this is the allure that makes naïve investors sign up. Most of them want to make quick money without thinking twice.

FXCoinProfit is taking full advantage of the booming crypto trading platform. The platform will claim to double your investment within three days. All you have to do is deposit the minimum requirement and see your profits grow.

Your priority is to find out the best investment platform that crypto experts fully back. Go for platforms with a proven track record. Try and find out what others are saying before you sign up for any investment platform.

Accounts FXCoinProfit

FXCoinProfit is a little bit different from the other cloned platforms when it comes to account types. The platform offers six different accounts as opposed to the clones, whose offer is three accounts.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at each account;


For the starter plan, investors must deposit $50 and a maximum of $5000. Investors get a promise of earning 4 percent ROI with this account. The vesting period for this account is slated at 24 hours.


Hailed by the platform as the economic plan, investors must deposit a minimum of $1,000 and a maximum of $10,000. There’s a vesting period of 2 days where investors profit and get a 6 percent ROI.


For the premium plan, investors must deposit $3,000 to $15,000. The account targets investors looking for a vesting period of 3 days. There’s a projected ROI of 8 percent with the platform. Cashback is also available starting from this account.


With the gold account, investors must deposit a minimum of $5,000 and a maximum of $20,000. You get a promise of making 10 percent ROI with a vesting period of 5 days. The account comes with 24/7 support.


For the VIP account holder, members must deposit $40,000 to a maximum of $50,000. The expected ROI is 15 percent, with the vesting period slated at seven days. In addition, members get unlimited support.


Members of the most exclusive plan have to deposit a minimum of $15,000 with no maximum. The account usually targets institutional investors. There’s a promise of making 20 percent ROI within fourteen days.

Account Features

FXCoinProfit Accounts

What all these accounts bring to the table are false claims. No expert or robot can manage to achieve these targets. The expected ROI is way too high, and the vesting period is too short. There’s no way this investment is possible.

These are the features that make the platform appear appealing. But, unfortunately, it’s also the features used as traps to lure investors into signing up. So, take it from us, investing with crypto is profitable, but not that quickly.

The platform also claims to offer crypto trading by pairing leading crypto assets. These assets include Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. However, information on the leverage of these and forex assets is missing.

Industry regulators have put a lid on the maximum leverage a trader can use. In the United States, retail traders use maximum leverage of 1:50. Regulators in Europe put a lid on leverage at 1:100.

High leverage means you are likely to lose big in a losing trade. The platform greatly benefits from your losses. That’s the reason regulators had to swoop in and protect investors from losing funds.

Business holder

Information on the proxy used as the owner is found in the testimonial section. Saul Goodman is the woman we are told is the CEO and Founder of FX Coin Profit. The name is synonymous with the other clone platforms.

What we have is an attempt by the real owners to hide their true identities. And this makes FXCoinProfit an anonymous investment platform. It would be best if you stayed away from anonymity as the results are staggering.

We have no business registry document to prove the place of residency. The platform claims Washington DC, which is false. We strongly believe this is another offshore-led platform targeting American, Asian, and European investors.

Client Testimony

The platform tries to sweeten the deal by posting positive comments. These comments are from designers to freelancers. You should know that such platforms will do or say anything to make users sign up.

Another red flag to spot is the pop-up message that states other users are withdrawing from the platform. Other messages claim a user has won with the platform. These are sales tactics meant to drive investors into signing up with the platform.

Are Funds Safe with FX Coin Profit?

Contact and customer support

You should test how effective and responsive a platform’s support is before signing up. For instance, the platform uses an email and phone address. Unfortunately, both of these avenues don’t offer fast responses.

Members have to wait for ages before the line goes through. And when it finally does, the agent will request to call you back later. Sending emails doesn’t work, especially if you send withdrawal requests.

Funding Methods

There are several funding methods available on the platform. These channels are easily accessible by anyone. In addition, you can use bank or wire transfers to fund your account. However, it’s a bit risky with a wire transfer as the platform will claim not to have received funds.

After you fund your account, the balance will reflect within 24 hours. Unfortunately, the platform fails to offer a crypto depository channel. Nonetheless, we don’t recommend financing these accounts.

Withdrawing funds from FX Coin Profit is proving to be a huge problem with the platform. No one gets to withdraw funds from it. And this is the main reason the platform is a burst. So you won’t get to profit from the large ROI claims.

FXCoinProfit License and Registration Status

FXCoinProfit is not a licensed or registered platform. You need to stay away from such platforms or risk becoming their next victim. The platform is using false claims of being registered by CFTC and NFA.

There are no documents to prove compliance. The two regulators don’t have any entity licensed with the above credentials. So it would be best if you stayed away from unregulated investment platforms.

Safety of funds FXCoinProfit

Is a scam?

FX Coin Profit is not a safe bet, and your funds are at risk. Once you fund the account, your investment is as good as gone.


We don’t recommend that you sign up with

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