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ImperoCrypto Review: Is Safe?

ImperoCrypto ( is another cloned platform claiming regulation from CFTC. We have proof that Impero Crypto is the same as DigitalExchange24 and other platforms. The expose will help investors understand the risks that come with clones. Your funds are far from safe with such platforms. Members are currently facing turmoil as withdrawing is a major problem. Please find out more in our comprehensive IMPEROCRYPTO REVIEW.

A Brief Overview of ImperoCrypto

Are Funds Safe with ImperoCrypto?

According to the banner on the homepage, ImperoCrypto claims to provide the best crypto returns. In addition, once you invest with the platform, there’s a 90 percent guarantee of making a profit. All these sounds too good to be true.

Hundreds of investors signed up with Impero Crypto, hoping to make high and quick profits. But, unfortunately, when the time came to withdraw, none of them got a cent from it all. And this is why we have to expose

You should avoid cloned platforms as they are an extension of the original platform. So little is known about the people behind it. All what we know is that once you invest with them, it’s the last you see your funds.

With withdrawing being a hurdle, the best way is to avoid these cloned platforms. Everything about the website is the same, including the names of false members. We have to show you everything and hope you don’t fall for such platforms.

The best crypto investment options come highly recommended by experts. These options often enjoy the backing of crypto experts. It’s best to sign up with industry-leading crypto options with a proven track record.

You should first try and find out more about a platform before signing up. It helps you make better decisions. Try and find out what others are saying about a particular platform. You can also ask us to do a review for you.

Accounts ImperoCrypto

ImperoCrypto, just like the other clones, offers the same number of accounts. The three account tiers include starter, premium, and diamond. Each of the accounts comes with a guarantee of making a profit.

And this is where you need to ask yourself serious questions. How does an investment platform have the guts to claim to offer guaranteed profit margins? No expert or robot can manage to achieve this feat.

Let’s find out more on these three accounts;


It’s the most basic account, with investors getting a promise of withdrawing 50 percent ROI within seven days. To start enjoying the features, you have to make a minimum deposit of $1,000 and a maximum of $9,999.


With the premium account, the platform paints it as an economical account to have. Investors have to deposit a minimum of $10,000 and a maximum of $49,999. In addition, there’s a promise of making 100 percent ROI within seven days.


It’s the most exclusive account that mainly targets institutional investors. To start using this account, you have to deposit $50,000 and above. The account promises members 250 percent in ROI.

Account Features

ImperoCrypto Accounts

We did notice that the diamond account does not mention any vesting period. And this gives the platform a chance to duck calls and emails from investors. You should check how viable a crypto investment platform is with its vesting period.

A genuine vesting period should be at least three to four months. That’s the least amount you need to wait. Any platform promising high returns within seven or thirty days is a fraud. There’s no way of making such a huge ROI.

We believe the platform is operating as a pyramid scheme. A few members get to withdraw funds from other members who just made deposits. As this is a crypto exit scam, it will shut down once the platform has its fill.

Forex trading is also on the cards. The problem is that there’s no information on acceptable leverage. We suspect the platform has high leverage of 1:500, which puts your funds at risk. Regulators have put a cap on leverage in every jurisdiction.

For instance, in the United States, where the platform claims to reside, leverage is 1:50. Retail traders enjoy maximum leverage of 1:50. In Europe, regulators put a cap on maximum leverage at 1:100.

High leverage puts your funds at risk. With traders eventually making losing trades, high leverage means losing more. The platform greatly benefits when members make significant losses. And this is why regulators had to move in to protect investors.

Business owner

We did a thorough check on the website and found a shady name as the owner. You can get to read about the CEO and Founder’s name in the testimonial section. Saul Goodman is the name we are given as the owner.

The face certainly doesn’t match the name; we get a Chinese look instead of a male. This is because the platform made an error with the owner. The actual owners of the platform want to remain hidden from the public eye.

As an investor, it’s your right to know who owns and runs a platform. Likewise, the public should know the person responsible for public funds. Unfortunately, in an attempt to hide the actual names, the platform proves its anonymous nature.

Transparency is crucial, and you need to find out the truth about a platform. We don’t know any names of staff members. There’s no profile to prove that staff members are indeed qualified to offer such services.

Client Testimony

To try and make the platform look successful, we read testimonials of “successful clients.” These are paid testimonials that only appear on the face of the platform. There’s no way of verifying who these people are.

We couldn’t match their credentials on any database. That means we couldn’t find information on LinkedIn or any social media pages. We suspect these are made-up names meant to fool naïve investors.

Is Impero Crypto Legit?

Contact and customer support

You should test how effective a platform’s support structure is before signing up. First, it helps to ascertain a platform is responsive to queries. In this case, you won’t get any response from the platform’s representatives.

Although the platform avails an email address and phone number, these two don’t work. You won’t get any response, especially if you ask for a withdrawal request using email. The platform is trying to control the communication channels.

Funding Accounts

Members get to fund accounts using bank and wire transfers. Despite it being a crypto investment platform, there are no crypto depository channels. Once you deposit funds, the balance will reflect in your trading account within 24 hours.

There’s a risk the platform will claim not to have received funds for those who use wire transfers. It’s another way the platform uses to steal from investors fraudulently. We don’t recommend you fund any account as withdrawing is near impossible.

Is ImperoCrypto Licensed or Regulated?

Despite claiming to be regulated by CFTC and NFA, these are unfounded claims. There are no documents to prove Impero Crypto is compliant with investing or trading rules. An unregulated platform puts funds at risk all the time.

You should check with regulators to confirm that a platform appears in the regulator’s registry. Check to ensure the license details match for safety reasons. Some platforms use license information from already registered parties.

Safety of funds with ImperoCrypto

Is Licensed or Regulated?

Your funds are far from safe with an unregulated platform.


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