Cryptocurrency Scams Review: A CFTC Blacklisted Platform (Crypto Global Investment) is a propaganda crypto investment platform. You won’t benefit from engaging with the platform. What we have is a cloned platform that tries to take advantage of naïve investors. Those who have signed up with Crypto Global Invest are ruing the decision. To stop you from becoming their next victim, we have to expose the platform. Get to learn more in our comprehensive CRYPTOGLOBAL-INVEST.COM REVIEW.

A Clear Analysis of Review

The about is section claims is a consistent money-making machine. The crypto investment platform boasts of making consistent profits throughout the year. Instead, what we have is a sorry excuse for an investment platform.

We have to expose the platform for failing to provide transparent services. With hundreds of members complaining, we have to find out why. There have been over 400 complaints in the last month alone.

Crypto Global Invest tries to seduce investors by guaranteeing high-profit margins. Unfortunately, no expert or robot can manage to achieve this feat. As a result, the crypto trading world is volatile, and losses are bound to occur.

It would be best if you learned how to spot scams from a mile away. However, most of these cloned platforms have features in common. An excellent example is a pop-up message claiming someone has withdrawn or won.

To find the best crypto investment platform, you need to check out what experts are backing. In most cases, these crypto investment options provide necessary information for users. In addition, you should invest in proven platforms that generate realistic income margins.

Please stay away from, as it’s impractical to earn guaranteed profits. To add salt to injury, the platform is a clone. The website design is similar to that of DigitalExchange24 and HashCryptoMine24.

Accounts offers three account tiers to choose from. These include starter, basic, and premium. To ensure investors sign up with one or two, there’s a different ROI margin to meet.

Here’s a closer look at the three account plans;


For the starter account, the platform hails it as convenient for beginner and newbie investors. You have to deposit a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $999 to start enjoying the benefits. The account comes with a guaranteed ROI of 50 percent, and withdrawal is after seven days.


With this account, investors must deposit a minimum of $1,000 and a maximum of $9,999. The platform promises investors 100 percent ROI with withdrawal after three vesting days. Now, this is why the platform states it’s the most economical plan of them all.


The premium account mainly targets institutional investors. There’s a minimum acceptable deposit of $10,000 and a maximum of $49,999. We are surprised the platform has a maximum deposit as the ROI is projected at 250 percent.

Account Distinctive Features Accounts

From what we can deduct from these accounts, there’s a guaranteed ROI. The problem with their statements is the short vesting period. Our years of investing with Crypto have taught us one thing, longevity.

To successfully invest in Crypto, the minimum vesting period should be three to four months. And the expected ROI for this period is around 10 to 18 percent. That’s the best you can get with Crypto investing.

Any platform that guarantees and promises high ROI within such a short term is lying. With volatility, crypto prices are bound to go high or low. And this means even the best algorithm will incur some losses.

With the platform promising crypto trading, leverage information is missing. These crypto-assets are paired with leading forex pairs. The available crypto assets include Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.

It would be best if you understood the industry has put a cap on leverage to protect investors from high leverage. For example, the United States puts a cap on leverage at 1:50 for retail traders. In Europe, regulators put a lid on leverage at 1:100.

Bloated Accounts

To try and sweeten the deal, the platform makes bold statements about its user base. For example, we can see the platform claiming to have over 90,000 traders. If this were the case, the platform would be known all over.

The platform also claims to have offices in 8 regions. You also get a claim of having over 250 trading instruments. All these are false claims meant to drive investors into signing up. We know for a fact that these are unrealistic user numbers.

Business Proprietor

Information on the actual owners of the platform remains hidden. So what we have instead is a proxy who is likely to take the fall. In the testimonial section, Saul Goodman is painted as the CEO and Founder of the platform.

It’s the same name that appears on the other cloned platforms. One thing’s straightforward with this statement, and all platforms belong to the same group of scammers. Finding their actual locations and names is a hassle.

And this makes an anonymous investment platform. So, it would be best if you stayed away from the platform or risk losing everything. That’s the only way you can avoid dealing with anonymity.

Contact and support

Try and test how effective and fast their communication is before signing up. For example, we have a platform that avails a phone number and a phony email address. You won’t get a response from any of the two channels.

Are Funds Safe with Crypto Global Investment?

Members only get an email notification when the platform wants you to add deposits. Newbies also get an email notification immediately after signing up. From then onwards, you won’t get to hear from the platform.

And this is the reason we see the platform controlling the communication process. It makes it easy for them to reach you but not for members to contact them. It’s a classic control tactic meant to ignore members who have already funded accounts. License and Regulation is not a licensed or regulated platform. Therefore, you should avoid this platform as it’s not your average cup of tea. In addition, the disclaimer at the footer of their homepage lists false regulatory claims.

We reached out to the CFTC and NFA to confirm the legitimacy of the platform. It turns out the CFTC is planning to issue a warning regarding all the cloned platforms. And that’s proof we are dealing with an unregulated platform.

You should check and confirm with regulators whether a platform is duly licensed. That way, you know your funds are in safe hands. Without a valid license, the platform in question doesn’t provide insurance cover.

Crypto Global Invest is using false license numbers to lure investors. It’s a criminal offense, and it’s the reason the owners hide their identities.

Deposit and Withdrawals

To ensure anyone can deposit, the platform avails of normal account funding channels. These include bank and wire transfers. Unfortunately, despite the platform being a crypto investment platform, there’s no crypto depository option.

We don’t recommend that you fund these accounts. Withdrawing funds with the platform is a hurdle no one passes. Once you fund these accounts, it’s the last you will hear or see of them. The best option is to avoid the platform altogether.

Fund safety with

Is Crypto Global Invest a safe crypto investment platform?

You should check and confirm whether a platform is putting funds in segregated accounts. It’s not the case with Crypto Global Investment. The platform puts your funds at risk. If the platform files for bankruptcy, no member gets any compensation.

Our verdict

The best option is to stay away from the platform. is a clone.

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