Blockchain, Cryptocurrency Review: An Audacious Crypto Scam!

If you have lost money using this company, please fill out the form below to recover your lost funds from this scam company claims to be a fund and wealth management firm. Instead, what we have is a platform that will sell you out. After some thorough investigation, we have concrete evidence proving North Star Invest is a sham. There are hundreds of investors who have lost funds with the platform. Two characters are regularly mentioned, Mat Benaim and Rory Safra. We have the full expose and hope to keep the crypto world safe. Learn more in our detailed NORTHSTARNVEST.COM REVIEW.

WARNING ALERT: is now using another fraudulent scheme, Please Avoid these two platforms as they are indeed a scam, watch out! Review

A Brief Overview of

According to their about us page, claims to be the biggest wealth investment company. Additionally, the platform claims to offer startups funds to real estate investment platforms. With their investment funding, the platform plans to help elevate your business.

It just so happens that the platform now targets Startup crypto firms. And this is the reason that caught our eye. The platform has been fooling investors into believing North Star Invest does offer investment services.

There have been complaints from investors who lost funds with the platform. You need to understand the repercussions of investing with a fraudulent platform. The first red flag is that is a clone.

If you want to invest in Crypto, you need to use tested platforms backed by crypto experts. We recommend using industry-leading investment strategies. These include Coin staking, DeFi, and Masternoding. It’s the best and safest way to earn realistic ROI.

As we mentioned earlier, North Star Invest is a clone platform. The website tries to emulate the Chicago-based North Star Investment Management Corporation ( Yes, the cat is now out of the bag.

For those who are planning to invest with the cloned platform, we recommend reading this review. Then, we will expose how two key team members are using a flaw on Atomic Wallet to steal from members.

Are Funds Secure with

Far from it, the platform is notorious for failing to protect investors. We haven’t heard or seen any successful investment firm under their wing. Despite claiming to have lucrative projects, there’s no proof of it.

The two individuals come out as investors who want a piece of your investment idea. With Crypto taking the world by storm, it’s bound to attract both genuine and fraudulent users. And is the latter.

There’s no security of funds as the platform is not regulated. We don’t know whether the platform is in Italy or Switzerland. We do know that the two individuals use phone numbers based in Switzerland.

The best option is to use secure platforms that guarantee your safety. This means investing in a platform compliant with investment rules. Unfortunately, there’s no word from Italian or Swiss regulators regarding the compliance of North Star Invest.

Business Invite North Star nvest

Background and Platform’s History

We did find out that the website has exchanged hands several times. To be exact, the platform has exchanged hands 15 times in the last 15 years. And this makes the platform a high-risk investment security website.

The names of the registrants were hidden, but luckily, we have their contacts. We also have a screenshot of one of the leading scam artists. And this will protect you from engaging with them. Unfortunately, with a mixed domain history, the platform looks far from stable.

Business Owners Mat Benaim and Rony Safra

Mat Benaim is the broker who will try and establish trust between you and the investor. The investor, in this case, is Rony Safra, who doesn’t show up in most meetings. So Mat will try to put a show that the investor is busy with other matters.

The face of Mat is already online, and one victim managed to take a screenshot of him. So Mat seems to be the brains behind the operation. Rony Safra, on the other hand, is the patsy in the entire scheme of things.

Person Claiming to be Mat Benaim

Sadly, both of them are in on it. You will be led to believe that Rony is to blame for all the issues. Instead, we will expose how the scam works and how best to avoid it. These are professional scam artists who prey on investors looking for funds. It’s best to use safe wallets and understand the risks.

Contact and customer support

To make sure their idea sells, the two prefer speaking directly with investors. Their preferred channels include Skype and Telegram. Rony’s Skype address is live: cid.c9eda4efba5c8a8b. Mat, on the other hand, prefers Telegram.

Telegram user names for both Mat and Rony are @Mat777benaim and @Alexandrebujard1. The latter is synonymous with several crypto scams around Europe. We also have their phone numbers Mat (+41 77 917 6915) and Rory (+41 77 967 8342).

Once you make the mistake of sharing your wallet, the two will cease making contact. With their names and one face exposed, we hope the crackdown is successful. Italian and Swiss investigators are hot on their heels.

How the Scam Takes Effect/Works

And this is how the two fraudulently scam investors. To invest seem genuine, the investors will want to know whether the party is real. Mat and his team will demand to see whether the party has funds behind them.

It’s an investor’s dream to share their success story with what looks like genuine investors. So first, the two will do what’s known as a “rug pull” to you. Then, for insurance purposes, the team will want to open a wallet with Atomic Wallet.

We believe the team has seen a flaw with the wallet, which they fully capitalize. During the insurance test, Mat will demand you open a wallet with Atomic Wallet. You will have to record the process with your phone and send the video.

Using False Introductory Letters

Atomic wallet is extremely unsecure and exposes the Mnemonic code to anyone. During the video, the team will take the Mnemonic wallet and wipe clear your account. And this is why we believe Atomic Wallet is also liable.

When you contact the wallet for help, none is forthcoming. You have to get a Telegram to invite to speak to an agent. By this time, the people behind this have already deleted their accounts.

We also believe Atomic Wallet could be taking a cut from these proceedings. There’s no way these complaints haven’t reached the owners. It seems the wallet is the perfect base for fraudulent operations.

Is a Licensed Investment firm?

No, is not a licensed platform. We have seen severe loopholes. No regulator would allow an investment platform to work under the set conditions. Italian and Swiss regulators don’t have a licensed platform with the above name.

Despite claiming to be fully regulated, the platform doesn’t have documents to prove it. We even checked with the Italian and Swiss company registers. Unfortunately, none of the two have a platform licensed with the above credentials.

And this makes North Star Invest an unregulated investment platform. As a result, your funds are far from secure with a platform that doesn’t guarantee the safety of funds. But, without a regulatory framework, the platform is free to operate as they wish.

Our Verdict

Coomunication with

We believe Mat and Rony are professional scam artists taking advantage of naïve investors. Atomic Wallet is also liable as the wallet provider doesn’t protect investors. When signing up, such data should be visible via email.

Once the two get in touch with your firm, inform them of their scam ways. You won’t hear from them again. We hope authorities will soon take them into account.

Who are the two Scam Artists?

Mat Benaim uses a pseudonym, and it’s not his real name, We have tried to find out their real names to no avail. What we do know is the name Alexandre Burje which is synonymous with several other online scams. The scams are Crypto in nature, and we urge you to stay away from such platforms. You should ensure the platform you use is recommended and tested by experts.

For those who have lost funds, Atomic Wallet should be liable for it. Unfortunately, the platform has failed to respond to any queries. Our only option was to try and reach them via TrustPilot. From there. We see that the two scam artists are also hiring Fiverr members to post positive comments. The industry is alert, and we hope to expose the two for misleading naive investors.

Mat is the brains, and Rony seems to fund the whole operation. Authorities will have to act fast as we have indicated their contact details. Hopefully, the two will be brought to book. But, we won’t wait and let anyone else fall for their scam. If you have fallen victim, you can leave your comment.

The two are mainly targeting Crypto investment firms. Once you list your platform on any crypto listing, the two make their mark. By pretending to be investors, they will try and fool you into showing your funds. Resist the temptation. Stay away from

Feel free to leave a comment or email us with any queries. You can also try and contact regulators to help expose these two scam artists. We wish you a safe crypto investment experience.

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