BTC CLOUD MINING 1TH/s Contract with Profitability and Calculation Estimate

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The BTC cloud mining 1TH/s contract is a bitcoin cloud mining contract which is provided by flymining, a cloud mining company based in Scotland which is known as an eco-friendly cloud mining farm that consists of three 20ft containers that can hold more than 540 mining machines creating the total hash power up to 7 petahashes / seconds ( it is 7milion Gigahashes/second ). Users can start mining for as low as $10.

Cloud mining features are monthly, 2years, and 5years contracts. The contract can move from 0.1TH/s up to 200TH/s.  The mining equipment is spending on electricity and other constant maintenance which all this fee is included in one fee, which is known as the maintenance fee, and its amount is $0.12 per 1TH/s per day. Also, the smallest 5-year  contract is $210, and the smallest monthly contract is only $12, which is paid monthly; users can also enhance their monthly to A 5-years contract, and their preceding payment also counts toward the price.

Cloud mining contracts.

Bitcoin cloud mining monthly contract.

Cost of electricity and maintenance fee: $2 / day per 1TH/s.


BTC Cloud Mining is running top of the line mining machines in different data sites. The cloud mining firm is rushing to provide a consistent and stable hash rate. Each contract is available for a certain duration of time. Most of the contracts get renewed on 1st December. By offering these contracts, the mining firm is lowering the mining threshold. Individual miners can still participate and benefit by purchasing BTC Cloud mining contracts.

The mining firm has a long-standing reputation in the industry. It strives to provide customers with the best returns possible. If there’s any malfunction, BTC Cloud Mining will take all liability and responsibility. The mining company has already served more than one million users. It makes it one of the fastest-growing cloud mining companies in the industry. You certainly ought to try their services thanks to high customer ratings.

BTC Cloud Mining is one of the largest Bitcoin mining pools we have. The platform is secure and is pioneering a ground-breaking PPS+ revenue distribution system.

Calculation Parameters
Maintenance Fee $2.00
Maintenance Fee Charged daily
Coin bitcoin
Company Name FLYMINING
Contract Length 6month
Payback Never
Payment Method MasterCard
Estimated Cost
Daily Cost $2.00
Weekly Cost $14.00
Monthly Cost $60.00
Annual Cost $730.00
Estimated Revenue W/O Cost
Daily Revenue $0.11
Weekly Revenue $0.77
Monthly Revenue $3.30
Annual Revenue $40.15
Estimated Profit After Cost
Daily Profit $-1.89
Weekly Profit $-13.23
Monthly Profit $-56.70
Annual Profit $-689.85

Disclaimer: The Above Profit Table is a carefully calculated estimate based on known real-time factors and Parameters. The actual values may or may not vary significantly from the values provided in the table above. The Above table is only meant to provide insights and afford Ideas to any cryptocurrency miner looking to purchase this particular Product for Mining Purposes.

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