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Flymining is an eco-friendly cryptocurrency cloud mining company that wants to prove that cloud mining can be transparent and clear, enabling users to mine bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrency without controlling hardware. flymining company is a Scotland based cloud mining service suppliers where miners can start mining as low as $10.

Flymining company is an encountered investment bitcoin cloud mining company. Many people did not recognize bitcoin mining's features and possibilities, making the flymining website provide them with elementary and free bitcoin mining services.

The website began its functioning in October 2017. Users can pay for electricity fees with EUR/USD instead of paying them from the mining income, permitting them to hold on to the whole sum of their mined BTC. 

Flymining attributes public attainable webcams and enables users to verify that their bitcoin is “freshly” mined directly through the block explorer. The website mining contracts can move from 0.1TH/s to 60TH/s. However, the flymining team combines knowledge and professionalism in modern technology, accounting, and finance.

In total, the mining farm is made up of three 20ft containers that can contain over 540 mining machines providing the total hash power of about 7 Peta hashes/second (which is 7 million Giga hashes/second).

 Also, Flymining is purchasing a share of the hash rate of a huge mining operation, which users can gain a lot of profit and benefits like cheap electricity, no need for replacement parts, or watching equipment because it is all among in one simple maintenance fee, that enables users to conclude earning and get no risk.

Flymining presently offers two types of cloud mining contracts for its users, which are:

  • “One-time payment,” a lifetime contract that is ranging from 0.1 to 60TH/s.

  • “35 monthly payment”, a monthly contract that has a monthly payment of $10 per 1TH/s

    Features of flymining.

  • 24/7 live stream webcams, which enables users to always check the mining facility in real-time.

  • A maintenance balance, which enables users to pay for electricity with a credit card than paying with bitcoin when its price can increase at any minute.

  • The everyday withdrawal for the company’s lowest fee is 0.00005 BTC per withdrawal.

  • Low-cost electricity.

  • Instant online chat support.

  • A free hash rate for referrals.

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