OXBTC ETH Miners For New Users Contract with Profitability and Calculation Estimate

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The ETH Miners for New Users Contract offered by OXBTC is priced at $7.76/MHS.

This contract is powered by a Panda B7 GPU Miner, which uses an 8AMD RX580 8G GPU with a hash rate of 230MH/s.

The ETH Miners For New Users Contract guarantees profitability as it is activated immediately a day after payment is made. New users of OXBTC can get up to 3% off the price and a low threshold when purchasing this contract.

This contract's maintenance fee also includes the electricity and insurance fees, and it is charged according to actual situations.

The electricity fee is charged at $0.0072864/MHS.

It should be noted that the electricity fees for this contract may change due to national policies and electricity costs.

If the mining revenue from the ETH Miners For New Users Contract is not enough to pay for electricity fees after 90 days, this contract will go into liquidation, meaning that OXBTC will sell the remaining value and return it according to users' hash rates.

OXBTC does not charge any commission fee before the payback period of this contract. The commission fee of 20-30% of users' daily revenue is charged after reducing maintenance and electricity fees.

Daily payouts for this contract are made in fiat currencies using the price of ETH at the time of settlement.

Advantages of having these BTC Contracts

Those who deal with international trade and travel need to have Bitcoin contracts. With a BTC contract, you can easily move around and pay for expenses without currency exchange. It makes moving from country to country easy as more countries are allowing Bitcoin. Peer-to-peer blockchain technology is what most users are interested in. Take advantage of this feature and sign up with BTC contracts.

You have the chance to get greater access to credit. With the media and internet facilitating Crypto, you can get credit from anywhere. And this makes having a Bitcoin contract an added advantage to traders. Imagine getting credit from any part of the world via the same currency. These contracts have made it easier for investments and international trade.  

No need to worry about transaction fees; they are low compared to normal fiat fees.

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