Canaan Creative cloud mining service review and profitability calculation estimate

Canaan Creative cloud mining service review and profitability calculation estimate Image
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The Canaan creative information technology company, which is simply known as Canaan is a blockchain service producer and a computer hardware manufacturing company.

In other words, the Canaan creative company is one of the best bitcoin mining machine manufacturers and also an Asic microprocessor solution provider.

Canaan was rated as the second largest designer and manufacturing company globally.

However, Canaan was established in the year 2013 by Nangang "NG" Zhang, he is the chief executive officers (CEO) and founder of the Canaan creative information technology company.

NG Zhang specializes in providing supercomputing solutions and application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) design.

He also embarks on launching the world's first digital cryptocurrency miner, which is built on Asic chips and creating a generation for asic mining.

The history of Canaan creative information technology company

In the year 2013, Canaan creative was established and it released the world’s first Asic miner and also provides a higher efficiency computing solution.

In 2014, Canaan creative launched its first 55nm Asic miner. In 2015, The company established its mass production of 28nm Asic miner.

In 2016, Canaan efficiently launched its first 16m Asic chips and was awarded china’s national high-tech enterprise certification. In 2017, Canaan initiated their second-generation 16nm Asic chips.

Above all, In September 2018, Canaan creative successfully produced the world first mass production of 7nm chips and also launched the K210 which is the first worlds ever RISC-V-based commercial edge artificial intelligence (AI)chip, which is globally used for access control and is used as a solution to problems like smart door locks, etc.

On November 21, 2019, The Canaan creative company was listed on Nasdaq and also elevated  90 million USD at IPO in the United States, which makes it the first triumphant and successful IPO of the Chinese independent artificial intelligence chips company in the United State.

In 2020, The Canaan creative company invested in the R&D for 5nm, launched their second-generation AI chip and also, launched the third-generation AI chip.

Which is very suitable for commercial edge and cloud computing.  

Moreover, The Canaan creative company’s major aim is to research the evolution of advanced technology, which includes AI algorithms, system on a chip (SOC) AI chips, AI architecture, and also integration and chip integration. 

In addition, internet connection sharing (ICS), which is produced and design by the Canaan creative information technology company is well examined and packaged by a lot of industry-leading suppliers, which includes Samsung, TSMC, ASE, SPIL-and STATS chip Pac.

In conclusion, Canaan technology company embarked to advance the world, by creating transformative technology. 

Through providing outstanding computing power for the blockchain technology, develop the blockchain industry, and also continue to enhance the bitcoin mining machine, in order to upgrade the performance and accomplishment.

Essential information.

Company name. Canaan creative information technology company LTD.

Company type. Private company.

Company founder. Nangang N.G Zhang.

Year established. 2013.

Headquarters. Beijing, China

Company website.  

Specialist. Asic chips, manufacturing, blockchain, open hardware, electronics, hardware, IC design, AI, and semiconductor.   

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