Hashing24 Cloud mining service Review and Profitability Calculation Estimate

Hashing24 Cloud mining service Review and Profitability Calculation Estimate Image
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Hashing24 is a cloud mining service platform where users buy hash power for cryptocurrency mining. With Bitfury (one of the world's leading mining equipment manufacturers) being its mining power supplier, Hashing24 provides users with a quality cloud mining experience.

The platform offers a range of mining contracts ranging from $20 per 100GH/s to premium contracts for users interested in renting industrial mining equipment. Users can also adjust the time and volume of their purchased contracts.

Hashing24 also has a trading room where users can buy and sell their hashing power as trade orders. A buyer can place an order, and a user sells if (s)he is comfortable with the price. Hashing24 manages this service to ensure that the needs of every customer are satisfied. For this service, a 5% trading fee is charged by Hashing24 from both sellers and buyers, making the total fees charged after a deal has been closed to 10%.

This service also makes Hashing24 a platform for buyers of mining hash power and a platform for sellers of mining hash power and other cloud mining companies that wish to do business with a third party.

Interestingly, Hashing24 also offers Demo mining on its platform, enabling users to understand their mining operations and choose the option that is more profitable and convenient for them before investing.

Hashing24 aims to provide its users with the best result from Bitfury's large cryptocurrency mining data centres in Canada, Norway, Iceland, and Georgia.



  • It only pays newly mined coins and doesn't transfer old coins to customers' balance.

  • It deposits mined coins automatically to users' account balances.

  • It offers a considerable maintenance fee for users.

  • It supports broad payment methods consisting of Bitcoins, Visa/Mastercard, Bank Wire transfer, and altcoins

  • It guarantees 100% uptime.

  • It has a responsive support team.


  • United States residents cannot access Hashing24 services.

  • It takes a daily maintenance fee for Bitcoin miners.

  • It currently has no contract offers available on its platform; users are only enabled to buy contracts from third parties.

  • It currently supports only Bitcoin mining.

  • It has a stringent AML/KYC policy. 

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  • REPLY samantha (29-12-2021)
    I thought this platform was going to be a life changing one and I was so optimistic about trying it out . I did tried it out but unfortunately for me , it was a total mess until getback.rest intervened.
  • REPLY johan (29-07-2022)
    They are full of lies. THey ask you to invest and tell you that you dont have access to your funds. The deposit and profits become somethings eles. Then you'll wonder why you can't get access. I was able to get all of it and it is all thanks to Rapid

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