Bitdeer Cloud mining service Review and Profitability Calculation Estimate

Bitdeer Cloud mining service Review and Profitability Calculation Estimate Image
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Bitdeer is a leading global power computing sharing platform for cryptocurrency miners. With Bitdeer, miners are exempted from the rigorous procedure of purchasing, installing, and running heavy mining machines.

Bitdeer offers some of the best mining contracts in the market. This is possible by using powerful ASICs miners like the Antminer S19 and S19 pro, which produces a hash rate of 110TH/s. The currencies available for mining on Bitdeer are BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, ZEC, LTC, DASH, DCR, and CKB.

Bitdeer also offers a cloud hosting service where a group of miners can purchase a rig, while Bitdeer oversees the mining operations in their mining farms for a fee. The mining costs and rewards after mining are shared equally among the group.

Bitdeer has over 5 million visits and over 1 million active users from 200 different countries. Bitdeer also operates thousands of top-notch mining machines worldwide in Asia, Europe, and America.

Some of the world's largest mining pools and exchanges, such as Antminer,, Antpool,, and EXMO, are also in partnership with Bitdeer.

Bitdeer's CEO and founder Celine Lu, a blockchain thought leader, has also reiterated on several occasions how Bitdeer offers great customer service and transparency through direct payouts from mining pools and real-time server monitoring.



  • They are in partnership with Bitmain; one of the largest mining equipment producers in the market 

  • Multiple mining pools are offered to mine from with a wide range of contracts available 

  • 90% chance contracts will be beneficial in the whole duration of the contract

  • Offers some of the best plans in the market, including the S19 and S19 pro acceleration plan

  • 80% return user rate

  • Daily outputs of over 100BTC a day 

  • Website analytics is great, and the details provided are excellent

  • Transparent contract terms between Bitdeer and customers

  • Bitdeer's users can also benefit from their business partnership programs, including Promotional partnerships, Sales Agent partnership, and VIP Agent partnership

  • Provides users with information about changes in its supported pools services


  • Expensive for miners with small funds
  • Contracts can only be paid for with cryptocurrencies
  • Support service is a little bit slow

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    you can easily get back your money from this program as long ass you can show proof. Rapidassetrecovery66at gee mal d0t c o m

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