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Hashshiny Cloud mining service Review and Profitability Calculation Estimate

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Hashshiny is a platform founded in 2017 where users are provided with cloud mining services. The platform offers cloud mining solutions for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash, Dash, Ethereum, and Decred.

Hashshiny boasts of some of the best cloud mining services through the excellent features stated on its website. It uses a mobile app that is integrated with its platform, enabling customers to have a better utility of its features.

The platform provides its customers with contracts that last for two years with electricity rates as low as $0.05/KWh to ensure good profits.

Users can also utilize Hashshiny's 30 days refund policy if their investments don't seem profitable. A refund of 50% of the amount paid for the contract minus the payout users has received promised to users. The refund can be received within 2-5 working days with a $3 fee charged.

Hashshiny also allows its customers to direct their hashing power to any pool of their choice, including Poolin, F2pool, Antpool, Viabtc, etc.

Users can also decide to switch their mining pools within 24 hours if their chosen pool seems unprofitable.

Hashshiny's data centers, according to its website, are located in Inner Mongolia & Sichuan, China, with pictures of its setting posted on its website. The motivation for building these data centers in Inner Mongolia & Sichuan is because of the cheap electricity fees of the region.


Other features of Hashshiny

  • It accepts payments in Bitcoin, Visa, Paypal, Maestro, and Union Pay.

  • It has an auto reinvest option that enables users to automatically reinvest their current balance to purchase the maximum amount of hash rate.

  • It allows daily withdrawals.

  • It uses a two-factor verification authentication.

  • It allows its users to change pools daily depending on a pool's profitability.

  • It provides good security by storing most of its funds in cold storage and a daily database back-up.

  • It has a live hash rate graph.

  • It offers a referral program that enables its users to earn more profits.

  • New users can test the profitability of mining with Hashshiny through a free 5TH/s SHA-256 hash rate for a free trial before making purchases

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