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Mycoincloud is a bitcoin cloud mining contract provider that offers different coins to mine without a decrease in hash rate. The company is located in Bulgaria, Sofia, and was established in 2015 by cryptocurrency expertise and specialist category. The website is well designed to make it easy for users to find information on the team and their services.

Mycoincloud company currently offers mining contracts for different cryptocurrency types, including bitcoin, zcash, Ethereum, bitcoin cash, Ethereum Cash, and Monero.

The website also offers lifetime contracts for cloud mining that vary on the amount of hashing power the customer desire to purchase; with lifetime contract, the website declares that the duration of a contract is not fixed because contracts can only be operative until it becomes unprofitable to mine, if the contract cannot pay its maintenance and electricity fee for fourteen consecutive days, then the contract will be canceled.

Bitcoin offers four different types of cloud contracts depending on the hashing power, this includes:

  • Bitcoin 3TH/s--fee: 2.25USD / week

  • Bitcoin 7TH/s--fee: 7.50USD /week

  • Bitcoin 15TH/s--fee: 11.25USD /week

  • Bitcoin 30TH/s--fee: 22.50USD /week.

The payout for users are weekly, and the minimum payout of 0.0014BTC, also. As soon as you start earning with mycoincloud, you can be able to withdraw your earning either with the external wallet or a crypto exchange.

Mycoincloud ambition is to make mining affordable and profitable for the users and develop mining services and subsequently to the establishment, development, and assumption of bitcoin, not only as a cryptocurrency but also as an economic system.


  • The website offers a lot of cryptocurrency to mine.

  • The payout minimum fee is low.

  • Very easy to access.

  • Enough mining equipment and has its own data centers 


  • The high cost of electricity fee.

  • The website has no mobile apps.

About Mycoincloud

Official name         mycoincloud

Company         cloud mining service

Location         Bulgaria

Coins to mine       bitcoin, Ethereum, Litcoin,zcash Mmonero,

                                    Ethereum classic, bitcoin classic

Payout frequency weekly

Payout minimum 0.0014BTC

Payout currencies bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Monero, Ethereum       

                                     Cash, bitcoin, Litcoin,zcash.

Founded 2015

Official website

Official e-mail [email protected]/cart.php?gid=2

Twitter @mycoincloud

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  • REPLY johan (29-07-2022)
    This program is not legit. I couldn't get access to my fund and even the profit. i spoke to some friend who are really to crypto and they suggested Rapid asset recovery as a pretty decent recovery company . Luckily for me they were able to rcover mor

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