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Smart Mining, not to be confused with Bitcoin itself, is one of the leading companies providing Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash services (BCH). They provide pool services, cloud mining processes, an exchange, and a wallet where users can mine, buy/trade, and keep their Bitcoin safely.

The pool comes with a nice app that allows users to track their earnings, hash rate, and other mining activities. Users of the pool can also choose to auto-mine the most profitable coin between Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash.

The pool uses a Pay-per-share (PPS) and Pay-per-last-N-share (PPLNS) settlement method.

The integration of credit a credit card system into its platform enables users to easily exchange fiat currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, etc., for BTC and BCH.'s services are one hundred percent legitimate as it has been providing its users with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash services for a long time.'s platform is also an educational place as comprehensive educational content is published for people who want to learn about Bitcoin and the Blockchain. The latest news about cryptocurrencies is released daily. Being a smooth, intuitive platform and with a catchy design, users can enjoy navigating it.

Other of's branches are located worldwide in Europe, Africa, Asia, and America.



  • It is a reputable company.

  • It is available on most platforms offering cryptocurrency services.

  • It has a live price chart for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherum, and Litecoin on its platform.

  • The platform is user friendly and also has a simple mining calculator.

  • Its pool has a low share reject rate.


  • The company spreads more Bitcoin Cash services on their platform, which confuses new users interested in purchasing Bitcoin (BTC) to buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH) instead.

  • Its fees are quite high combined w,ith their costly credit card charges.

  • The company's founder Roger Ver has a reputation for being too political and not a true blockchain advocate.

  • Only Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash can be mined on its pool.

  •'s pool does not allow mining with GPU or CPU on its platform.

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