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Huobi Pool, another Huobi Group platform, is a mining pool that provides quality mining services to a large community of cryptocurrency miners. Through its Proof Of Work (POW) and EOS mining mechanisms, Huobi Pool enables users to mine a wide variety of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Etherum, Etherum Classic, DCR, etc.

Its POW Mine pool makes mining more profitable, quicker, and convenient for users through top-notch mining services with low commission fees, availability of credit cards, and direct access to their trading platform; Huobi Exchange is one of the biggest cryptocurrency trading platforms.

It's EOS Super Community focuses on connecting its users with global EOS nodes to create EOS prosperity, making holders of EOS more aware of node elections and a professional EOS voting platform.

Huobi Pool also provides its users with a Dual Currency Investment product, enabling users to earn more BTC. This service works like a fixed deposit pattern, and users buy a particular Dual Currency Investment product with a pegged index price changed and withdraws profits at maturity. Early redemption of profits before the product expiration is currently not supported on the platform.


Some of the striking features of Huobi Pool are stated below.

  • It has one of the best and most proficient EOS voting platforms in the world.

  • It has high standard security that prevents the platform and users from being vulnerable to potential harm and malicious viruses perpetrated by hackers.

  • Its native token, Huobi Pool Token (HPT), which is becoming more available on different platforms, is given to miners as a reward for mining on their platform.

  • It has an Eco exchange integrated into its platform.

  • It has an app that provides its users with professional mining tools that enable effective mining management.

  • Its platform is intuitive and easily understandable for new miners. 

  • It is among the 10 most successful mining pools in the world.

  • It doesn't require KYC unless users want to withdraw a large amount of cryptocurrency.

Although Huobi Pool is new to the crypto market, its excellent features make it outstanding among other mining pools. Why don't you give it a try?

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