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Maxhash is a cryptocurrency mining platform that enables different miners to set up their mining rigs and mine their coins by setting up an interactive and enthusiastic mining pool.

Maxhash is a super Ethereum mining pool ran by a team of blockchain and server administration specialists and operated on professional committed servers worldwide with 24/7 monitoring.  


The pool supports four main coins: Ethereum, Ubq, Exp, and Music; it uses the PROP payment method to layout the reward to the miners and pays them according to work done. The vThe variable fee system is based on pool performance. The website is entirely DDOS protected. A payout is created every 10mins anytime it reached the minimum threshold of 0.005 for Ethereum,0.5 for Ubq, 0.25 for Exp, and 25 for Music.


Maxhash provides miners with a qualified and enabling environment with well-organized mining servers in three locations (US, EU & ASIA).




1. the platform is highly organized and hosted on high performance dedicated servers.

2. Specialized customer service.


3. Reward and promotion for miners.


4. Software and networking work very fast and strong.


5. It has 24/7 security.


6. Miners are paid on time when they meet up with the required threshold.


7.The interface is easy and instinctual.


8. Maxhash Ethereum payout is the most profitable.


9. It has well-optimized mining software. 


10. It improves mining skills and make it more systematic and transparent.




  1. Ethereum is the only profitable cryptocurrency out of the four coins.

There’s a mining HQ database that can help users with their mining pool setup. These are easy to follow articles that help miners get the best out of their mining equipment. Most users see Max Hash as dedicated hardware that is highly optimized. You can get to read real testimonies of people who have used this platform. The platform also comes with a news feed to help inform miners of what’s going on. 

You can get in touch with this platform by sending an email. The response time is quick and direct, helping miners with any problems. Miners can also join the jackpot bonus system that allows miners to rip more benefits. 


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