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The BC Monster Mining Pool Review.

BC Monster also known as Bitcoin master, is a famous and reliable mining pool. The pool offers several altcoin cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Atom, Litecoin etc. 

The pool was established in 2016, but shortly it was shut down and later started working again in 2018. The pool allows miners to mine both BTC, ZEN, HUSH, ZEX, KMD, ARRR and VRSC. 


An alternative to mining pools is signing up with the best mining contracts the industry has provided, which is the ECOS Cloud Mining Contract.

BC Monster pool rewards its miner according to the PROP system, with a 1% fee. However, this fee can change at any time, but notice will be given before doing so. Therefore, any fee change will be informed on the pool news page.

The pool works by creating a team of cooperating miners, who agree to share the block’s reward according to their contribution. With this, miners can maximize their chance of getting block rewards in contrast to solo mining. 

The pool does not offer merged mining but offers both Stratum, monitoring, Cardiff, and the transaction fee are shared with the miners.

BC Monster mining pool has servers located in Europe, the USA and Asia. The pool offers a low average mining fee of 1% and offers a pay-per-last-n-share (PPNLS) payment method.

Registration is necessary with this pool. The pool has a minimum payout of 0.01. Mining with this pool is profitable because of the low mining fees. 

BC Monster pool has a customer support service available 24/7, through live chat on the website or by sending emails.

A miner can know more about this pool by clicking on the “HELP” tab and choose either he wants to know how to start mining or know about the pool. Miners can also contact the pool team through Facebook, Email and Twitter.


  • Allows miners the opportunity to mine numbers of coins including BTC.

  • BC Monster pool is a verified mining pool.

  • It gives miners the possibility of viewing the mining statistics.

  • The pool provides accounts with zero fees.

  • The pool offers a low average extraction rate of one percent fee.

  • BC Monster is a public Bitcoin mining group.

  • It has Email support.

  • Available servers in Europe, Asia and the united state. 

  • The pool is a good option for beginners because it has a low mining rate. 

  • It is transparent and has great security for users.

  • Its global network is available  24/7.

  • It has good blockchain network implementation.

  • The pool has a tutorial section on how mining is done.

  • Enables different altcoin mining.                                          


  • The pool’s PPLNS payment method is not favourable to some miners.

  • The pool has only a little information about its project on the website.

  • The pool has a gear of errors in the database.

  • It does not allow fused mining. 

  • Its minimum mining payout is unknown.

  • The Zcash network block is not active.

  •  Poor information about their service and functioning.

  • A different section on the website is closed.

Kindly let us know about your experience with this mining pool, by dropping a comment in our comment box.

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