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Binance Pool is a platform that offers pool mining services.

Backed by the giant cryptocurrency exchange Binance, this pool aims to increase miners' income and liquidity for their exchange. The pool presently uses only Proof Of Work (POW) and Proof Of Stake (POS) mechanisms for mining. The available currencies for mining are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin SV.

The platform ensures that the market trend does not affect users' earnings by offering just a mining fee of 2.5%, Full pay per share (FPPS) payment method, and instant settlements.

Binance Pool runs a Smart Pool, enabling users to earn more profits by auto-switching to mine other profitable currencies using the same algorithm. Binance Pool guarantees users that the Smart Pool's final income will be greater than the normal FPPS payment method. Binance Pool also guarantees to pay for users' losses if the income gotten from the Smart Pool is lower than FPPS.

Users can easily switch from general mining to the Smart Pool through its one-click switch without changing their User ID or stratum URL.

Only the SHA256 algorithm is supported on the Smart Pool, automatically switching the mining of BTC, BCH, and BSV.

Another of Binance Pool's features is its Pool Savings. The Pool Savings also allows users' mining income to increase by depositing the pool's income and earning interest. The Annualized Interest Rate (AIR) for the Pool Savings is from 4% - 30%.

Binance Pool provides users with an excellent mining experience through its integration into the Binance ecosystem. This gives users access to Binance's nice array of crypto services, including Binance Futures, Binance OTC, Binance Visacard, Binance Staking, and Binance Loans.



  • Daily payouts are guaranteed.

  • It has one of the best security among top crypto companies with its two-factor authentication and anti-phishing measures.

  • It offers its pool users VIP trading benefits on its exchange.

  • It educates users through a tutorial on their platform about their mining services.

  • It offers bonuses to its users on a timely basis.


  • It currently supports only the mining of a few currencies.

  • There are fears of over-centralization of the Bitcoin network on Binance

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