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EMCD is the largest and fastest-growing tech company in eastern Europe. EMCD helps miners select and optimize mining. EMCD has no minimum threshold except for ETH, ETC. 

EMCD is a bitcoin pool with algorithmic auto-switching. Algorithms automatically determine what altcoin is more profitable. Then it mines it, changes it on the exchange, and users receive payments in Bitcoin. EMCD team’s solution for effective mining aims to get the maximum for every miner.

Their servers are located in Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Europe, and the United States. It has reliable hosting providers with low ping and high bandwidth. Support is provided throughout. 

EMCD has a minimum payout threshold.  

In February 2018, EMCD launched its first pool and gathered confidence in how things should be done. It's designed to rival huge pools in terms of profit even with comparatively low hash power. 

Some of the advantages of using mining pools such as EMCD include the following;

Maximum profit

EMCD is a mining company that offers the highest profits of any other mining pool available. This is due to a switch in algorithm and AsicBoost.


It is possible to mine cryptocurrency with low fees. Currently, mining income from transaction fees is about 1.5%. Many pools take this income from you and don't mention it. Merged mining of coins gives you about 6% extra income.

Low variance 

EMCD offers daily payouts except for ETH and ETH. The daily payouts help individual miners to keep track of their cryptocurrency mining progress.


ECDM offers efficiency in mining in that a large number of mining systems within the same network makes an efficient mining process because it reduces the number of “orphan blocks,” or blocks that are not selected to be part of the blockchain.

Growth of cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency mining companies such as ECDM play a huge role in the development and growth of cryptocurrencies. ECDM is a mining company that contributes highly to the long-term success of a particular cryptocurrency.

Stable income

When using ECDM, the chances of generating a stable income are higher. When working together, more blocks are recognized and accepted, which in turn creates consistent value. Because there will always be someone in the pool mining, there will be a constant flow of money coming in.

Features of EMCD mining pool 

  1. It has effortless registration and a user-friendly interface. You only need to enter your wallet address to get statistics. \

  2. EMCD has a minimum payout threshold. 

  3. It uses a method of accrual and payment. -FFPS+

  4. Servers are located in Russia, United States, Europe, China, and Kazakhstan for reliable hosting providers.

  5. They have an office, warehouse, and store. 

  6. They have 5 years in the telecommunication equipment market and 2 and half years in the software market.

Supported coins

  • BTC

  • LTC

  • BCH

  • BSV

  • Dash coin 

EMCD has an affiliate program if you would want to use EMCD to attract miners.

Feel free to leave your comment and share your thoughts on the platform. What's your experience with EMCD?


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