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The Ethash Mining Pool Review

The Ethash mining pool is a multi-algorithm mining pool, that enables users to mine both ETC, ETP, ETH, and GRIN. The pool paid its miners with Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin(BTC), Metaverse and Etherum Classic (ETC), with the pay-per-last-N-share PPLNS payment method.

It has two different pools, which are the Ethash pool and Grin pool. Ethash pool provides all block rewards in a bulk transfer, to enable miners to save on exchange fees and maximize mining profits.


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Ethash pool has its first-grain mining pool in North America and still working to add more features and options to the nearby features.  

Miners can use GPU computing power to mine GRIW, which gives in to the 90 % of all mined blocks. However, the pool’s auto-conversation features enable users to mine GRIN coins and get a payout in ETH and BTC.

To mine ETH, ETC and ETP, miners are expected to download the mining software and edit the configuration file, then move to the next step, which is auto-conversion of BTC and BCH. 

Ethash mining pool has a total of 0.5 % average fee, and a  minimum payout of 0.10 ETC, 1.00 ETP, 0.05 ETH, and 0.50 GRIN. 

The pool offers stratum, Cardiff and monitoring mining. Ethash pool doesn’t support merged mining and transaction fees shared with miners.

The Ethash mining pool has many benefits, this includes the best available exchange rate, save on exchange fee, mining the most profitable coin, hassle-free, and change payout coin at any time of your choice. 

The pool provides miners with all real-time monitoring, ensuring they monitor all miners from anywhere Via hashrate, profits online, and getting informed by Emails, in case of issues with your miner. 

The pool has a consistent payout, to receive a payout when your minimum threshold is reached. A miner’s hash rate displays immediately the miner submits a share to the pool because the longer the user mine, the more accurate their displayed hash rate will be.

Mining with this pool makes mining efficient, profitable and reliable for miners.

The advantages of Ethash mining pool

  • The pool has an excellent UI, easy user interface.

  • It charges a 0.5 % average fee which is fair and affordable.

  • In this pool, Miners can mine more than one token at a time.

  • The pool embarks on creating more options in the future, which allows miners to mine more tokens and withdraw in BTC or ETH.

  • It has active operating servers in the USA and America.

  • Its shows Real-time monitoring.

  • It grants miners an avenue to change coins.

The Ethash Pool mining servers are as follows.

Ethereum (ETH):

  • Stratum + tcp:// eth. ethash 3939

Ethereum Classic (ETC): 

  • Stratum + tcp:// etc. ethash 3838

Metaverse (ETP):

  • Stratum + tcp:// etp. ethash 3737

The Grin Pool mining servers are


  • Mine.the grin 4747

Let us know about your encounter with the Ethash mining pool, by dropping a comment in our comment box below.

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