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Ethermine Etherum mining contributed to the same pool as Ethpool. 

Ethermine provides around a quarter of the hashrate used for the mining of Ether, this simply means that the Ethermine mining pool is the worlds highest performing Etherum mining pool. 


An alternative to mining pools is signing up with the best crypto mining contracts the industry has to offer, which is the ECOS Cloud Mining Contract.

The pool offers users a PPLNS payout system, to accommodate those who prefer the pool to solo mining. 

This mining pool is one of those mining platforms that comes from a powerfull community. Therefore, it represents one of the enormous opportunities for staking and earning as much Etherum as possible. 

This is to say that the longer a miner remains or continues mining with this platform, the better the opportunity.

 Ethermine pool has various servers located in Asia, America, U.S.A and Europe, the pool charges a 1% average fee using the Pay Per Last N Share mining system. 

The Ethermine mining pool supports Stratum, Monitoring and Transaction fee shared with miners. The minimum payout of the Ethermine pool is 0.05 ETH. 

Ethermine mining pool is an Austria-based Ethereum mining pool. The pool is owned by Bitfy crypto mining company, which has other products like Etherchain, Zchain, Beaconcha, and Ethernods. 

The mining pool has provided users with the L2 Polygon payout options, utilizing the polygon network.

This polygon payout gives both small and large miners the option to have convenient and quick access to the Layer 2 polygon network.

Ethermine pool is a reliable and secured mining pool with a good payout rate and affordable fees. 

The benefits of mining with the Ethermine mining pool are

  • It is anonymous mining.

  • They provide accurate hash rate reporting.

  • They have a real-time PPLNS (Pay Per Last N Share) payout system. 

  • Offers a low 1% commission fee.

  • They provide an instant payout.

  • Ethermine pool pays all mining rewards including Blocks and fees.

  • They have mining servers in Asia, Europe and U.S.A.

  • The pool provides full stratum support. 

  • They have a customized minimum payout threshold.

  • It offers a professional help desk.

  • Ethermine pool has a good Email notification system and invalid shares warnings.

  • They work with efficient mining devices and low orphan rates.

  • Excellent detailed global and per-worker statistics.

  • They have third-party IOS, Telegram app and android.

  •  The pool enables miners access to their balance.

  • They accept US investors.

  • Ethermine has high service delivery and an intuitive interface. 

  • Ethermine is a powerful Ethereum mining pool using the blockchain infrastructure.

  • With this pool, miners can enjoy mining Etherum securely. 

  • The user does not reflect the block fees.

  •  It views users daily and instant mining statistics.

  • All payments are processed instantly. 

  • It supports English, German and Spanish languages.

Disadvantages of Ethermine mining pool

  • The pool has limited-time access per internet IP.

  • The pool doesn’t have multiple mining systems. 

  • It doesn’t support merged mining and doesn’t have Vardiff.

The Ethermine mining pool servers are as follow,

  • U.S.A East: us1. 4444 or us1. 14444

  • U.S.A West: us2. 4444 or us2. 14444

  • Europe: eu1. 4444 or eu1. 14444

  • Asia: asia1. 4444 or asia1. 14444


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