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The Ezil.me Mining Pool Review

Ezil pool is a reliable infrastructure provider that comfortably stakes your coin, and earns payment with Zilliqa. The pool enables miners to simultaneously mine both Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), and Zilliqa (ZIL).

However, most of the time, the Ezil pool starts mining ETH or ETC, before the Zillaqu (ZIL) coin starts mining. Every 1 to 2 hours the pool automatically switches to Zillaqu (ZIL), but at the end of ZIL mining rounds up, the pool immediately switches back again to ETC or ETH. 


An alternative to mining pools is signing up with the best mining contracts the industry has to offer, which is the ECOS Cloud Mining Contract.

From the individual miner viewpoint, no action is needed, therefore everything happens automatically, then the miner’s reward is paid just the same way for both coins (ETH + ZIL) or (ETC + ZIL).

Miners do not have to register before using this pool, all they need is just an ETH and ZIL wallet address, which will be used as their user’s IDs for login.

The pool provides all mining rewards within 30 minutes. Its servers operate in both the USA, Asia, Europe and are active 24/7. Ezil pool has a total 1% commission fee, which is paid through PPLNS, PPS+ payout system.

Ezil mining pool has a referral link and promo codes for partners. Partners can get a lifetime of 0.25% of all referred miner’s income. With this pool, you do not need to mine yourself, all you need to just do is to create an account, and invite miners by using a referral link or promo code. 

Mining with Ezil pool makes mining secured, reliable and profitable. Ezil pool supports merged mining, monitoring and stratum, which are great features for a mining pool. The pool has a minimum payout of 0.1 ETC, 0.05 ETH and 30 ZIL. 


  • Ezil mining pool is the first ETH + ZIL Dual mining pool.

  • Suitable and profitable mining.

  • Regular payout in both ETH and ZIL currency.

  • It supports any Stratum miner.

The Ezil.me mining pool available servers are as follows.

Asia (location Singapore)

  • ETH: asia. ezil.me: 5555

  • backup: asia. Ezil.me: 15555

  • SSL: asia. Ezil.me: 25443

  • Backup + SSL: asia. Ezil.me: 35443

  • ETC: asia. Ezil.me: 4444

  • backup: asia. Ezil.me: 14444

  • SSL: asia. Ezil.me: 24443

  • Backup + SSL: asia. Ezil.me: 34443

EU (location Germany)

  • ETH: eu. Ezil.me: 5555

  • backup: eu. Ezil.me: 15555

  • SSL: eu. Ezil.me: 25443

  • Backup + SSL: eu. Ezil.me: 35443

  • ETC: eu. Ezil.me: 4444

  • backup: eu. Ezil.me: 14444

  • SSL: eu. Ezil.me: 24443

  • Backup + SSL: eu. Ezil.me: 34443

USA East (location East Coast)

  • ETH: us-east. Ezil.me: 5555

  • backup: us-east. Ezil.me: 15555

  • SSL: us-east. Ezil.me: 25443

  • Backup + SSL: us-east. Ezil.me: 35443

  • ETC: us-east. Ezil.me: 4444

  • backup: us-east. Ezil.me: 14444

  • SSL: us-east. Ezil.me: 24443

  • Backup + SSL: us-east. Ezil.me: 34443

USA West (location West Coast)

  • ETH: us-west. Ezil.me: 5555

  • backup: us-west. Ezil.me: 15555

  • SSL: us-west. Ezil.me: 25443

  • Backup + SSL: us-west. Ezil.me: 35443

  • ETC: us-west. Ezil.me: 4444

  • backup: us-west. Ezil.me: 14444

  • SSL: us-west. Ezil.me: 24443

  • Backup + SSL: us-west. Ezil.me: 34443

Kindly inform us about your encounter with the Ezil. me mining pool, by dropping a comment in our comment box below.

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