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Flypool is a reliable, good, and well-organized zcash mining pool operated by Etherminer holders .flypool provides its servers around the world for its users and enables users to mine with cash, which is an anonymous currency in the cryptocurrency record.

Flypool is very efficient in that it offers a 1% mining fee, a low average mining fee for the mining purpose, and offers PPLNS (pay per last N shares) payout method for payment. The pool also does not have or requires any account registration or password, making it more convenient for mining software with a fly pool.

Flypool users interface is available in three different languages, and its servers are located in Asia, Europe, and America, and are also available worldwide. The website has so many features that comprise home, announcement, statistic, help, API, pools, blocks, and language, and its user interface is straightforward to access.

Flypool offers different mining software, including Bminer, Claymore miner, DSTMs zcash Cuda miner, and optimizer miner. Also, it has a current hash rate of 297.0 MH/s and has an actives member of about 64243; and It also has a low commission rate and higher control of about 50% of the network hash rate, which makes the fly pool more reliable and remarkable. 

Features of Flypool.

Flypool has  many features that interest and draw users toward the pool; this includes:

  • It has a well-organized mining system.

  • It has instant payouts.

  • It pays all the mining rewards.

  • It has a correct and accurate hash rate reporting.

  • Anonymous mining.

  • 24/7 customer help.

  • It provides a global network for all users.

  •  It provides full STRATUM support.

  •  It offers third-party IOS, telegram, and android apps.

  • It has mining servers which are located in Europe, Asia, and America.

  • Offers an email notification system.

  • A specially made minimum payout thresholds.

  • It has a professional helpdesk.

  • It has detailed and pre-work statistics.

  • Offers a 1% low fee.

  • Good and easy to use dashboard.

    Servers for Flypool are:    


  • Europe:

  • U.S.A:

  • Asia:


  • Europe:

  • US East:

  • US West:

  • Asia:


  • Europe:

  • U.S.A:

Mining pool minimum payout

0.001 ZEC




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