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The Hash Loft Mining Pool Review

Hash loft is a multi-algorithm mining pool that can mine any cryptocurrency coin, through hashing algorithms.

Hash loft mining pool’s Deversipay payout method enables payout to be earned in Bitcoin, DASH, Litecoin, Horizen, Ethereum, Monero and other coins, through having a division of miner’s income dispensed across several cryptocurrencies.


For those who find mining pools not their cup of juice, you can signup with the best mining contracts. which is the NiceHash Cloud Mining Contract.

Hash loft team maintains a successful mix of IT specialists, security executives, development experience and knowledge leadership to create an innovative system, and solutions needed to meet the expectations of their worldwide client base.

The pool team depends on exceptional project management, evaluation and monitoring, risk management, team management, information technology and stakeholders management encounter in order to assure their client’s achievement.

The pool has been keeping a close eye on the market and information on new coins, that will be more profitable in the future, and are still mining the most efficient and profitable portfolio of Altcoin, which is exchange to Bitcoin when needed.

Hash loft mining pool has a good support program that enables users to carry out different transactions speedily. The pool has a user-friendly interface that distributes both public and private pools, for users with capabilities scope.

The Hash loft mining pool is also highly in support of ASIC and GPUs of different hashing algorithms. Hash loft mining pool offers an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and ML-driven logic that authorizes an astonishing coin hopping organization. 

Above all, the pool has a unique payment system that permits a fractional multi-cryptocurrency distribution of the coins, selected by its user. Miners can mine over 14 different cryptocurrencies in the Hash loft pool. These coins include Bitcoin Gold, Bitconnect, Monero, Siacoin, Komodo, Zcash, and many more.

This pool is one of the infrequent crypto mining pools that use blockchain technology.


  • Hash loft mining pool is a user-friendly and flexible platform.

  • The pool enables miners to select the coin they want to mine.

  • The pool’s minimum payout is either 20 USD daily or 0.001 BTC weekly.

  • It has servers located in both the USA and America.

  • It has multiple supported coins including BTC, CANN, LTC, BCH, ZEN, AUR, FLO, GAME and DGB.

  • The average fee is 1.47 %.

  • 24  hours daily withdrawal.

  • Very easy to join the pool and to mine. 

  • The platform has a block finding rewards.

  • The pool is simple and easy to reach.

  • It has many mining options


  • Inefficient security.

  • Delay occurs sometimes during the shooting request.

The Hash Loft mining servers are as follows.

Algo switching, the SHA256 algorithm

  • Stratum + TCP: //stratum.hashloft.io: 3333

Algo switching, the X11 algorithm

  • Stratum + TCP: //stratum.hashloft.io: 5555

Algo switching, Equilhash algorithm

  • Stratum + TCP: //stratum.hashloft.io: 6090 (The endpoint is being tested and will detour the exchange process. Therefore all rewards will go to the declared wallet directly).

Algo switching, Scrypt algorithm

  • Stratum + TCP: //stratum.hashloft.io: 4444

Note that the Algo-switch mining ports enable users to switch coins infrequently to mine the most profitable coin.

Kindly inform us about your encounter with the Hash Loft mining pool in our comment box.



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