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Hiveon Pool is a cryptocurrency mining pool developed by the owners of Hive OS management and monitoring system. The pool supports the mining of just two crypto currencies using the Ethash algorithm; Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

The pool enables its users to profit more when mining Ethereum as it charges a 0% fee for its pool costs and pays transaction fees to its users.

Hiveon Pool uses a Pay Per Share Plus (PPS+) payout method, which is the combination of the traditional Pay Per Share(PPS) and Pay Per Last N Share (PPLNS) method. This means that users can get paid for each valid share they send to the pool regardless of the time they joined the pool.

The pool pays users 50% for stale shares that are not above 5%. Payouts are not made when stale shares are above 5%, and the user's wallet is blacklisted until further notice.

It also offers daily payouts to its users with a minimum payout of 0.1ETH or 1ETC.

Users who use its Hive OS management and monitoring system can pay for its services on Hiveon Pool with a mining pool commission of 3%. Discounts are also given to users with more than 50 rigs.

Hiveon Pool also runs an Hiveon ASIC firmware that is powered by MSKMINER. Through this service, miners are provided with manual and automatic settings that enable them to get extra hash rates from their hardware, protection from viruses, and access to Hive OS features.

Hiveon Pool servers are located all over North America, Asia, and Europe to make mining more efficient for its different users worldwide.



  • It provides users with a well-detailed tutorial on starting mining on their pool using Hive OS or Windows.

  • It pays users up to 50% for stale shares that are not above 5%.

  • It offers a 24/7 support service.

  • It has a referral program that enables users to earn more.


  • It is still new to the market and not very popular among miners.

  • The platform does not provide enough information about the pool and its owner's identities.

  • It allows the mining of only two cryptocurrencies.


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