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The Kano Pool Crypto Mining Pool Review

Kano pool is a  Bitcoin mining pool that came into existence in 2014. The pool is a crypto mining platform built on the blockchain infrastructure.

Kano pool has different servers located in America, U.S.A, Asia, and Europe and had excellent performance over the years. 


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Kano pool has globally distributed their mining nodes to ensure their blocks get to all Bitcoin networks as fast as possible in New York, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Nether lands, and other countries that only do block distribution. 

The pool has a support channel that provides users with any pool most reliable and knowledgeable help. Kano pool is a Bitcoin mining pool that offers a very low commission fee of 0.9% and shared transaction fee rewards.

 This pool supports transaction fees shared with miners, monitoring, Vardiff, and stratum mining, but doesn’t support merged mining. 

Kano pool provides service for both beginners and expertise at any time globally. Mining with this pool does not require any beginners registration but requires in-depth stats for their registered miners. 

Kano pool uses the pay-per-last -N share (PPLNS) payment method, which provides excellent profit for users with every contribution shared. Kano pool and pool software are created and managed by the Gmeiner developers. 

The Kano mining server, email, and website are all available at Kano. space. This website is a backup domain in case if users have any problem using the Kano.is website domain.

Advantages of Kano mining pool

  • Kano platform is available and easy to access by everyone around the world.

  • It pays using the pay per last N share payment method.

  • It is transparent and offers a low charge fee.

  • The pool does not require registration.

  • 24/7 support.

Disadvantages of Kano mining pool

  • The company has no clear information about the tokens that can be mined on their website.

  • Kano pool service has not improved, the website looks like a platform without capital and the page is very standard. 

  • The pool information is not published on their website.

  • Many Kano pool users are closing up their accounts.

  • The pool has many outdated features.

  • Users get low profit/rewards. 

  • They have no multiple mining systems.

  • The pool entry into the crypto market is very ambitious but they could not meet the expectations. 

  • They have a very small diameter.

  • The pool mines only Bitcoin.

  • Poor interface.

  • Does not support merged mining.

The Kano.is Pool servers are as follows

  • Stratum + tcp: //stratum80. Kano.is: 80

  • Stratum + tcp: //stratum443. Kano.is: 443

  • Stratum + tcp: //stratum8080. Kano.is:8080

  • Stratum + tcp: //stratum81. Kano.is: 81

  • Stratum + tcp: //stratum. Kano.is: 333

Kano pool  have other nodes located around the world that you may be closer to its user, these are

  • Stratum + tcp: //uk. Kano.is: 3333 London

  • Stratum + tcp: //jp. Kano.is: 3333 Japan

  • Stratum + tcp: //de. Kano.is: 3333 Germany

  • Stratum + tcp: //sg. Kano.is: 3333 Singapore

  • Stratum + tcp: //or. Kano.is: 3333 Oregon

  • Stratum + tcp: //nya. Kano.is: 3333 NewYork

Kano.is Mining pool minimum payout

After 100 confirmations


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