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The Litecoin Pool.Org Review

Litecoin is one of the largest and oldest Litecoin mining pools. The pool is a pay-per-share (PPS) pool. It features merged mining, which mines Litecoin alongside Viacoin, Canada coin, Myriad, Dogecoin, Argentum, and many more.

However, miners are not given the merge mined coin but they receive a bonus in Litecoin, following a pay-per-share rate of more than 100% with no pool fee.


An alternative to mining pools is signing up with the best mining contracts the industry has provided, which is the CryptoUniverse Mining Contract.

Litecoin was established in 2011 by a pooler a Litecoin dev. The pool has been highly reliable and trusted starting from the day it was established. In the year 2012, the pool controlled more than 40% of Litecoin hash power, due to that, registration was closed for some months and ever since then, the pool has required a credit to get accepted to the Litecoin pool. org.

 Litecoin pool. org is the first pool to secure the mining of TLS-encrypted stratum connections and protect users from prospective man-in-the-middle attacks.

The pool has eight geographically diverse servers, and no fees are applied for these eight automatic payouts or manual payouts. Making Litecoin pool a great pool in any location of the world.

Litecoin pool .org has an exclusive ultra-low-latency stratum implementation, written in C for higher performance. The pool offers merged mining for several altcoins and payout in Litecoin, by automatically converting the coins to Litecoin. 

Litecoin offers support for an extension to the stratum protocol, which suggests target and suggests difficulty. Also, the pool has geographically distributed power servers, located in Europe, the USA and America.

The pool has a detailed history of miner’s earnings and payments and notifications of idle users on Email.  They enable users the accessibility of their website and a transparent interface, and they’re every minute detailed stats updates.

The pool has mobile interference and extensive Json AP1 and also supports two factors.


  • Litecoin is a convenient, easy, fast and secured mining pool.

  • The pool offers merged that allows the users to mine different cryptocurrencies simultaneously. 

  • The pool has an average fee of 0% for all their coin.

  • Litecoin has many features that motivate users to mine with confidence.

  • The pool enables miners to mine a different coin.

  • The pool is very fast in mining and offers a high reward to miners.

  • The pool enables miners to earn multiple rewards from mining secondary crypto assets.

  • Litecoin is an old mining pool with a good reputation, over the years of establishment.

  • The pools always pay miners for the work performed.


  • The website is outdated and requires convoluted management to upgrade its web design.

  • The incomes permitted for blocks mined are not high.

  • The pool is disorganized and difficult to understand. 

  • Miners can only mine on ASIC hardware, but can not mine on GPUs, phones and CPUs.

  • The information about the pool project is very little on the website.

  • The website interface seems to be older, unlike other mining pools.

Litecoin has different alternatives including Antpool, F2pool, Dpool, Via pool, and many others. However, these Litecoin pools are very good and they offer different services, fees, and interfaces.

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