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The Luxor Mining Pool Review

Luxor mining is a new Bitcoin and altcoin mining pool launched in 2018. The pool allows miners to mine LBRX, Decred (DCR) and SC cryptocurrency,  used in the Sia decentralized storage network. 

The pool does not need registration before a user can access it, because all mining in this pool remains anonymous. Luxor mining pool aims to create the most efficient and reliable mining for crypto miners.


For those who find mining pools not their best choice for mining, you can signup with the best mining contracts. which is the CryptoUniverse Mining Contract. 

The pool allows users to mine LBRY, DASH, SC, LBC, ZEN, and XMR and get paid with Bitcoin. Luxor mining is a profit switching pool, that allows miners to maximize their earning by switching between blockchains, to maximize the equihash hash rate rewards.

The pool uses the pay-per-share (PPS) payment method, which seems good because miners get their payment according to the number of blocks contributed with a 0% commission fee. Luxor pool has a very simple and easy-to-understand interface. 

The pool support four languages. Miners can reach its support service through email or by mail. The pool has made cooperation agreements with different mining companies including Kaboomracks, Hashr8, Power bd, Light speed, Nice hash, Minerstart and Distributed ledger.

One of the best benefits of this pool is that it allows mining for many cryptocurrencies. The pool has no multi-mining, mining is made with the POW algorithms and uses the algorithm as a vertical POW.

The Luxor pool is a highly innovative pool and payments are made quickly without affecting the price fluctuations in payment transactions. The pool charges a 0% mining fee with (PPLNS), while DCR and LBRY are 0.3 % fees for (PPS). Luxor pool has active servers in Asia, Europe, the USA, and America.

Luxor mining pool offers stratum, Cardiff, and monitoring. It has a total minimum payout of 100 SC, 0.2 DCR and 50 LBRY.

The advantages of the Luxor Mining pool

  • The platform provides users with a guide on how to start mining with the pool.

  • The pool focus on efficiency, transparency and reliability.

  • Miners can mine Bitcoin with their altcoin miner.

  • Luxor pool enables miners to earn Bitcoin through mining.

  • It supports more than 10 cryptocurrencies.

  • Always active on social media.

  • The pool has innovative algorithms.

  • Provides wonderful analytics to measure the transaction.

  • It has a good reward and payout system. 

  • Catalyst pays miners reward in Bitcoin when the minimum payout threshold met

The disadvantages of the Luxor mining pool

  • It does not support merged mining.

  • No transaction fee is shared with miners.

The Luxor Mining Pool servers are as follows.


  • Europe EU. Luxor mining. tech: 3333

  • Asia Asia. Luxor mining. tech: 3333

  • USA  us-east. Luxor mining. tech: 3333

  • USA  us-west. Luxor mining. tech: 3333


  • Europe EU. Luxor mining. tech: 5555

  • Asia  Asia. Luxor mining. tech: 5555

  • The USA   us-east. Luxor mining. tech: 5555

  • The USA   us-west. Luxor mining. tech: 5555


  • Europe EU. Luxor mining. tech: 4445

  • Asia  Asia. Luxor mining. tech: 4445

  • The USA   us-east. Luxor mining. tech: 4445

  • The USA   us-west. Luxor mining. tech: 4445

Kindly inform us about your experience with the Luxor mining pool by dropping a comment.


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