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Mining Pool Hub Review

The Mining pool hub is multi-pool mining that has up to 36 pools. The pool has been operating since 2014 and is registered in the state of Arizona in the USA.

Mining pool hub mines over 36 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin private, Adzcoin, Auroracoin, Bitcoin Gold, DASH, Digibyte (Qubit), Electroneum, Skein, Groestl, Etherum, Ethersocial, Ethrum social, Ethereum Classic, Feather coin, Expanse, Game credits, Grostle coin, Global boosty, Litcoin, Maxcoin, Monero, Monacoin, Myraidcoin, Yescrypt, Grostl, Sexcoin, Ravencoin, Siacoin, Verge, Startcoin, Vertcoin, Zcoin, Zcash, Zeincash, Zclassic, Secure coin, Smart coin, Solar coin, Granite, Givecoin, Ufo coin, Influx, Monetary unit, Potcoin, Phoenixcoin, Netcoin, Checkcoin, Crevacoin, Ravecoin. These cryptocurrencies can be mined on an ASIC miner central processor and video cards.

The mining pool hub offers two ports, which are 20XXX for mining cryptocurrencies, with a specific algorithm, while 17XX and 12XX are for mining cryptocurrencies with different algorithms.


An alternative to mining pools is signing up with the best mining contracts the industry has to offer, which is the ECOS Cloud Mining Contract.

The pool has three algorithm mining automation features which are

1. Automatically switch between mining algorithms for the highest profits.

2. Automatic transformation of mined coins to any supported cryptocurrencies.

3. Automatically switch to crypto mining with the greatest and efficient profitability mining.

The mining pool hub charges a total commission fee of 0.9%, of the number of the earning, and pays through the PPLNS (pay per last-N shares) payment method. The pool rewards for getting a block, with dispensed number of shares, and mining difficulty for the last 30 minutes. While the lowest payment amount depends on the coin mined.

Above all, miners can exchange their mined coin for any other coin in this pool. Just like, if you mine Bitcoin and want to exchange it for Ethereum, they can easily exchange without leaving the pool or using a cryptocurrency exchange. 

The mining pool hub pool has a mobile application to help miners monitor their work and view all work performance, hash rate, exchange rate, latest payout, balance payment, real-life data and many more. This mobile application is created in a version for IOS and Android. It’s obtainable for download on iTunes and plays market.


  • Firstly, register an account by choosing your user name, pin code, password, and email address.

  • Go to the ‘HUB WORKERS’ tab, then fill in the worker’s name and worker’s password.

  • When the registrations are done, then download the miner for your operating system. For more information, read more about this in the FAQ section of the website.


  • The mining pool hub is great and reliable to use.

  • It has an automatic win switch.

  • Mining pool hub is a multipool, multi-algo and automatic exchange to any currency.

  • It has different servers located in the USA,  Europe, and Asia.

  • With this pool, miners can set mining coins on the website to switch instantly with the hub.

  • It has QUARK, X11, QUBIT, X15, and X12 for auto profit switching.

  • It has an easy-to-use interface.

  • The pool is very transparent and secured.

  • Their customer support is available 24/7.

  • It has an average fee of 0.9% PPLNS.

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