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The Monerohash Mining Pool Review

Monerohash pool is a Monero XMR mining pool based in the U.S.A. The pool has been running since 2014. 

The Monerohash pool offers its users an optional manual payout, firewall-friendly mining port, free payment, DDOS protection, USA east coast location, mining to exchange, IPv6 support and SSL/TLS mining. 


An alternative to crypto mining pools is signing up with the best mining contracts the industry has to offer, which is the ECOS Cloud Mining Contract.

This mining pool enables miners to mine XMR with only a 1.6% commission fee and 10% of this commission fee is donated to open source devs. 

Monero hash mining pool has a minimum payout of 0.5 XMR when mining to a standard address.  

Monero hash pool has a maximum of 3 for payout and enables miners to mine directly to an exchange wallet. 

The pool support Vardiff, monitoring and stratum mining but does not support merged mining or transaction fee shared with miners. 

Monerohash mining pool has different users located in the USA and America. Monerohash pool supports different mining apps like CPU miners, XMRigs, Cast XMR, XMR-STAK, XMRigs-NVIDIA, XMRigs-AMD and SRB miners. 

The pool also provides five ports with different initial difficulties and is automatically adjusted during the mining process. 

One of the features of mining with this pool is that it gives users the opportunity of choosing the wallet to which all the mined coins are withdrawn daily or every 24 hours. 

Also, miners can withdraw their funds at any time directly from the wallet address associated with their account or wallet on the exchange. 

Monero hash mining pool is a small mining pool and as such finding blocks may take some time. 

Therefore, miners can’t see any balance in their account until the pool finds a block and when the pool has reached a mature status, this occurs 2 hours after the block is found.


  • With the Monero hash pool, mining is possible with lower equipment.

  • It is a multi-functional mining pool.

  • Mining with Monerohash pool is very profitable.

  • To get a wallet for a mined coin is very easy and miners can withdraw any wallet address of their choice.

  • The pool has a good interface and is very reliable to mine for new and old miners.

  • They have good quality service and excellent security.

  • The pool protects its user’s data from external forces.

  • The pool offers miners the opportunity to discover new coins.

  • Monerohash pool is extraordinary standing among individuals.

  • The pool does not restrict users from different parts of the world because it is open to everybody.


  • Their server is only available to the east of America.

  • No negative review about the pool yet.

  • It only allows XMR mining.

The MoneroHash mining pool servers are as follows

  • 7777 (GPU rigs)

  • 9999 (SSL and TLS support)

  • 2222 (Low and mid-range CPU)

  • 5555 (High-end CPU and GPU)

  • 80 (NAT and Firewall friendly)

The Monrohash Mining pool minimum payout is 0.5 XMR when mining to a standard address.

Inform us about your encounter with the Monerohash mining pool by writing down your comment in our comment box below.


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