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Novablock is a mining pool with a vision of maximizing customers' profits and decentralizing the bitcoin network.

Novablock quickly gained a spot among the top mining pools globally within 6 months of its launching through innovative mining solutions integrated into its platform. Currently, only Bitcoin can be mined on Novablock with a payout threshold of 0.005BTC and a pool hash rate of 2.129EH/s at the time of writing.

Mining on Novablock provides users with access to nice tools aimed at making mining more efficient and stress-free. These tools include:

Mining Profit Calculator - This calculator is designed to help users know their mining rewards immediately.

Smart Monitor (Management Software) - The smart monitor helps data center owners to configure their mining machines in batches, monitor the machines, upgrade firmware and antivirus.

Smart Agent (Proxy Software) - This program is made available for top customers of Novablock. It enables the connection efficiency between data centers and the pool to be increased. It is available for both Windows and Linux users, with tutorials on how it can be used on the FAQ page.

Novablock App - The Novablock app enables users to monitor their miner's hash rate and rewards on their mobile phone. This easy-to-use app comes with a powerful and interesting dashboard with a simple interface and displays data in an organized way. The app is available for Android and IOS users, and it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or iOS store.

Combined with these interesting mining tools is Novablock's NovaPPS+ reward system. NovaPPS+ reward system beats most PPS and PPLNS reward systems applied by most pools, as it pays users not only the block reward but also includes transaction fees. This reward system ensures that users can still be paid, even if there was no block found from the pool, eliminating the risk of bad luck.

Furthermore, Novablock allows users to merge mine NMC(Namecoin) with BTC to increase mining profits as it also uses the SHA-256 algorithm. The NMC rewards are distributed on a PPLNS system, meaning users get rewards only when a block is found. The NMC can be withdrawn manually once it meets the minimum threshold of 0.1NMC. No extra charges are taken for this; Novablock gives the NMC to users for free.

Novablock also provides other mining solutions: Miner Mall, Miner Hosting & Colocation, Data Centre Design & Construction, and Bitcoin Mining Investment.

Novablock, through its Miner Mall, provides users with access to mining machines from top brands like Bitmain, Whatsminer, Innosilicon, and peer-to-peer resellers of used mining machines. Novablock experts test new miners in the market to understand all machines and make good recommendations to their clients according to their needs. A detailed mining machine ranking can be seen on the Miners Mall.

Miner Hosting & Colocation on Novablock is safe and reliable with a high-tech data center in the IT Park of Sichuan Province, China. Novablock offers transparent pricing, strategic facilities for cost-effective mining, 50+MW power capacity, 99% uptime with on-site technicians, 24/7 security, and online monitoring for this miner hosting service.

The Novablock Data Centre Design & Construction provides users interested in constructing high-tech data centers with their SMDC and IMDC data center solutions, which reduce operating costs and increase the miner online rate.

With Bitcoin Mining Investment, Novablock helps its users make the wise mining investment profitable and easier. They claim to have deep industry knowledge, negotiate on users' behalf for best pricing, and plugged into 100 providers worldwide.


  • Their service fee is lower compared to some top platforms.
  • It has other nice services integrated into its platform.
  • It has a good customer support system.
  • Its NovaPPS+ reward system offers high profitability.
  • It offers real-time monitoring.


  • Only Bitcoin can be mined on the platform.


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