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OKEx Pool launched in October 2018 by one of the most reputable digital assets and trading platforms OKEx Group is a mining platform providing users with a top-quality mining experience.

OKEx Pool enables its users to mine and stake different cryptocurrencies on their platform through various mining mechanisms, including Proof Of Work (POW) and Proof Of Stake (POS).

Furthermore, OKEx Pool offers a Hedging service that enables its users to stabilize their income during a bearish market. A miner can predict his future output based on the current hash rate, sell the particular coin in advance at the lowest price he/she is willing to accept, and deliver it later. The maximum hedging period is 180 days.

Several settlement methods are implemented by OKEx Pool for rewards, including Pay Per Share (PPS), Full Pay Per Share (FPPS), and Pay Per Share+ (PPS+).

The platform is straightforward to navigate and understand, as all necessary information is seen in a simple view. Video tutorials are also provided on the platform to aid users in understanding their mining equipment, setting it up, and profiting from it.

OKEx Pool also has a wide variety of other professional blockchain solutions integrated into its platform, including a highly secured wallet, its OKB token, and OKExChain designed to develop commercial blockchain applications.

Through the implementation of powerful and leading technologies, OKEx Pool ensures that its platform is secure, stable, and unique, providing users with a good mining experience.



  • They provide a 24/7 professional support service through WeChat, E-mail, and QQ Group.

  • The platform provides multiple currencies to mine, including BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH, ZEC, etc.

  • It has low service rates and a good transaction speed, making it more profitable than some other platforms.

  • It ranks among the top 10 world mining pools.

  • It is connected to the popular OKEx Exchange.

  • Other OKEx Group nice services are integrated into its platform.

  • It educates its users about the blockchain and Bitcoin through its Academy.


  • It is only currently available in a few numbers of countries. 

  • It is still new to the crypto market.

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